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Tuesday, January 31, 2017


Miles of white sand beach, clear blue salt water, gastronomical heaven and a majestic sunset view. Does the wanderlust in you starts kicking? A place came into your mind? If Boracay Island popped into your mind, then you’re as addicted to the place as me.

I believe no Filipino don’t know Boracay. In fact, our Asian neighbors such as China, South Korea, Taiwan and Japan frequent the island too. We cannot blame them though, what’s not to love?

There was never a dull moment even if you opt to spend a few days or a full week in the island. You decided to take a quiet, leisurely walk along the white sand beach with a wine in your hand or wanted to spend a quality time with a loved one by dining at a restaurant while watching the sunset or sail away whilst watching the entirety of the island fall into place or just want to have fun by partying hard? No problem. The island can keep up with you.

The best time to visit Boracay, obviously, is during summer season (MAR - APR). Don't be surprised though, best time also means peak season which also means a lot, I mean A LOT of tourists flock the island. Therefore, higher air ticket and hotel rates.

If you are as stingy and as allergic to peak season as me, visit the place between June to October. But, you should pray everyday or make offerings that there won't be a typhoon to ruin your vacation. Good luck!

Of course, for your trip to materialize you have to start looking for air tickets, hotel, etc. It doesn't hurt to plan in advance.

First off, airline tickets. Due to Boracay Island's growth in tourism for the past years, there are various airlines and flight schedules that fly in Caticlan Airport (MPH) or Kalibo Airport (KLO) that you may watch out for ticket promos. (e.g. Philippine Airlines, Cebu Pacific, Air Asia). Regular price ranges from Php 2,500.00 to Php 5,000.00 but if you diligently and patiently wait for promo tickets, you can get them for as low as Php500.00 per person, roundtrip!

If you have a budget, I suggest book your flight to Caticlan airport for a less hassle trip. If you go via Kalibo, you still have an hour drive by car which cost around Php 100.00. Through both airports, you have to ride a boat for about 10 minutes that will cost Php 250.00+ which includes the boat ride, environmental fee and terminal fee.

To cope up with the island’s ever growing number of visitors, both foreign and locals started investing in tourism, majority of which are the building of hotels. There is a large number of place to stay so no worries. During high season, hotel rooms can cost you the least is Php 1,500 per person but during off season you can book a hotel for as low as PHP1,000.00 ($15.00) per room per night. Boracay have posh hotels for those who really planned and saved ahead. Transient and inns are also widely available for those on a tight budget.

Food hunting included on your itinerary? Then you won’t be disappointed. American, Chinese, Korean, Italian and Filipino restaurants, bistros, bars and cafĂ© lined the shores of Station 1 up to Station 3. Just keep on looking, you will find what you are craving for.

Variety of activities awaits you too. Spend a week in the island and you will never be bored. There is always something to do. Kayaking, Parasailing, ATV rides, Snorkeling, Banana boat ride, Helmet diving, Island hopping and a lot more! At night, the island transforms again into a ball of energy and hype. Live music all around and skilled fire dancers lit up the night.

Boracay Island surely is a Philippine pride. Though it is a far cry from how it used to be, the island strives to keep her visitors blissful and makes sure that everyone goes home with a memorable experience for them to cherish in their lifetime.


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