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Monday, January 30, 2017

The Parrots Beak

Pico De Loro was first named by Spanish sea-farers which mean "Parrot's Beak" as its pointed summit resembles the shape of a parrot's beak from afar and it is commonly used as a signal by sea-farers to turn east to get to Manila Bay. It is situated at the boundary of Batangas and Cavite. This was my first time, and it has occurred last year September, My friends and I decided to do mountain climbing because most of us were problematic we wanted to take a break and relax for a while so we came up to a conclusion that we should do mountain climbing. 6 am was our call time, and my friend invited also some other people who wanted to join our group activity, most of them were climbers already and they were friendly on us since this is our first time on mountain climbing they gave us some tips regards on trekking. We arrived at pico de loro around 10 am and the weather was rainy so we already expected that our trekking will be harder, As we proceed to the entrance, (I Forgot you need to register first and they had registration fee for group, PHP 50 per Group) The road was very slippery so we had to be very careful on our steps. 
           As we walked on the road, we saw the river and it was Sparkling, most of the climbers coming down were washing up here.As we proceed on our trekking I felt excited to meet the summit because this was my first time to Climbed on mountains, 
         The path is very slippery, Muddy and Rocky but my friends and I were very determined to reach the top. As we go we saw and heard the beauty of the mountain, yes 'heard' while we climbing to the top I heard the sound of the forest, it seems that they welcomed us and I felt relaxed even though I'm tired already. It was more fun because the climbers we met were friendly and helped us also. You will admire the beauty of the mountain not only because of the beautiful scenery you will see but also how friendly the climbers are.
          As we reached the pre-summit area, I was shocked because even though we didn't continue to the summit because of the bad weather, I was able to see the scenic view of the mountain. The wind was so refreshing it soothes my aching thighs and troubled mind. It really calms me and I was able to meditate for almost 15 mins.
          After this picture (with baby zane! Say hello to this little mountaineer) my friends and I just sat there talked about our trail and I can say that this was an achievement on us (look at our beautiful big bodies!). 
          As we climbed down we celebrated our trail and had a little rest because our way was still long, it was fun because you will learn how to be patient, how to endure the pain, how to help others, have fun even you're tired and last, was to work hard. All of these was very worth to become a better person. I really suggest to most of the people i know to visit the pico de loro because it is good for the beginners, the trail took 3 hrs and i can say that it was challenging especially in rainy season.

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