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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

A Cheat Sheet in Puerto Galera First-Timers

Puerto Galera is a must for all tourists who wants to experience terrific adventure - just a few hours travel time from Manila. If you're a first-timer, let me show you the splendid sights that surely you won't regret. Through the sprinkle of my own base tips to make your tour very incredible.

This dazzling assortment of bays and islands is one of the countries top five tourist destinations. Puerto Galera has so many resorts, hotels and an exciting nightlife on every beach. Natives as well are very accommodating. 

You start your journey from Manila to Batangas, then at the port of Batangas, you get a ride in a boat going to Muelle Port. 

(My first picture in Sabang, Puerto Galera)

Sabang has a tremendous houses escalated. The scenery is very likely to other established islands in the country where there are public market and bars beneath the place. If you want to explore every alley, you have to be careful of the pathway, they are too slippery. Sabang primarily offers, scuba diving, you most likely find yourself in different dive resorts available in the area - from beginner and discover scuba diving programs to advanced PADI Dive courses. 

(My single order snack at Sabang)

Looking for a cheap snack? Sabang is an awesome place for people who wants to experience home made burgers and native juices.

(The Tamaraw Waterfalls)

The Tamaraw Waterfalls is absolutely free and open to every tourist who are passing by the way going to Calapan. This waterfalls is located at the side of the highway. If you were standing at the front, there is another passage down under going to another waterfalls, it is also the best vantage point to see the other beaches.

The wow factor is the beautiful sand of White Beach. It is absolute and a must for beach lovers. It may not be funky like El Nido, Boracay but it's an excellent for an inexpensive weekend getaway. There are countless hotels and bars around the area so you may spend time to choose. At night, bars and restaurants are alive, competing each other with different sorts of foods and promos. Switching to party mode, it's your break so make the most of it and have much fun as you deserve it. 

(Photo credits to Out of Town Blog)

The Puerto Galera Zipline is an awesome from the top - an approximately long ride. It is not expensive. Safely wise, they do calculate per weight and they provide like parachute cloth. If you're planning on doing more than just scuba diving, then this should be on your bucket list. 

Mount Halcon is not for the faint hearted. It has a beautiful view from the hotels near the mountain. Before you do the hiking, you must get a permit from the municipality and they will convey you to the Mangyan Village, that's where you can get a guide and porters. Be reminded that they are expecting you to bring your own equipment. 

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