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Monday, December 23, 2019

Pagsanjan Falls: The Wonder of Southern Luzon

While some destinations in the Philippines are blessed with sparkling white sand beaches and crystal clear oceans, Laguna Province, on the other hand, offers you something a bit more than the usual… 
This place is notable for having numerous hot springs where you can unwind to any time of the year, historically-significant churches for you to visit, mountains to climb, and multiple man-made attractions and parks to enjoy with your family and friends but most of all, Laguna is the best place to chase waterfalls! 
Laguna is the home to more than 20 majestic waterfalls with Pagsanjan Falls being the most popular among them all! Are you now wondering what’s so special about it?


Pagsanjan Falls locally known as Cavinti Falls or Magdapio Falls (indigenous name) is a three-dropped waterfall that grew as one of the main attractions in the region since the Spanish Colonial times. The main falls is actually located in the town of Cavinti however, it's popularly known to foreign visitors as Pagsanjan Falls since the easiest way to reach it is via a boat ride from Bumbungan or Balanac Rivers from the Pagsanjan Town.
It can be accessed in two ways – either hiking from Cavinti or riding a dugout canoe and experiencing the water rafting activity called "Shooting the rapids" from Balanac River, Pagsanjan. If you're someone who loves the great outdoors, then you should go for the dugout canoe ride.

Getting to Pagsanjan Town
Private vehicle
From Metro Manila, take South Luzon Expressway (SLEx) then to Calamba Exit which will lead you to the merging road for Pan-Philippine Highway and SLEx. Once you take the exit 50 toward Sto. Tomas, Batangas, you’ll pass by the towns of Los Baños, Victoria, and Pila. Travel time will take about 2 and a half hour depending on the traffic. If you need a hassle free ride, we got you! Just leave us a message here: Isla Story Website

Public Transportation
For those who prefer to commute, hop on the bus bound to Santa Cruz, Laguna from either Senator Gil Puyat Avenue in Buendia or HM Transport Bus Terminal on EDSA corner New York Street, Cubao. Tell the driver to drop you off at Jam Bus Terminal in Pagsanjan town; from there, take a tricycle ride to Pagsanjan resort.

“Shooting the Rapids” Experience

You’ve probably heard about white water rafting activity, but this one in Pagsanjan is a bit less extreme yet still exciting.
To get to the Main falls, you'll have to ride a boat upstream first! Suit yourself with a protective helmet and a life vest. Once you're prepped, you'll be seated at the center of the boat and accompanied by two boatmen/ bangkeros on both ends.
They will then skillfully maneuver the boat starting from the calm part of the river up to the "Shooting the rapids" – a term coined by the locals to describe the exhilarating experience you’ll get during the whole boat ride. Both of the boatmen will go in and out of the boat to push and pull it while kicking big rocks or bamboo poles along the stream. Although the rapids are short, there are lots of it, so you'll get to see these boatmen in action multiple times.
The trip to the falls can take up to 1 hour. During the trip, get mesmerized by the hundred feet high gorges surrounded by verdant green and if you're lucky enough, you may spot wild animals such as iguanas, birds, and a Philippine monkey! And aside from the main falls, you’ll pass by a number of smaller falls and one of them is the Talahib Falls where you can stop by for quick photo opts.
The whole place seems surreal that it'll make you feel like you're in one of the scenes in Jurassic Park. :D

The Main Falls and the Devil’s Cave
After the exhilarating ride, get off your boat to see Laguna's pride, the Pagsanjan Falls. The water cascades from a height of 120 meters into its base which is a natural pool filled with fresh cold water. Beneath the curtain of water, you'll find the so-called "Devil's Cave" which got its name from how it looks from afar resembling a dark pit to hell and from the inside it’s opening is similar to a human's head  -- quite devilish, isn't it? 
Once you are here, feel free to take a lot of pictures, have a cooling dip, or simply savor the great view of nature. 
To cap it all off, why not try the raft ride leading you right through the falls? Two to three local men will pull the raft while you leisurely sit there and wait for the falls pound your back like a hard massage! With the water's pressure, you can compare it to a strong hurricane but in a relaxing way. :D 

Things to bring: Change of clothes, waterproof pouch, waterproof camera, and extra money for tipping (minimum PHP 100 per guide/ boatman).

Suggested Itinerary:

0700H –       Leave Manila 
1000H –       Arrive in Pagsanjan Resort, store other items in your locker, change
                        clothes, then hop on a local banca (boat) to start your tour.
1030H –       Pass by hundred feet high gorges and shoot through thrilling rapids with
                        the help of two skillful boatmen!
1200H –       Get off your boat and marvel at Pagsanjan Falls.
Optional: Enjoy a raft ride right through the falls and into Devil’s Cave!
1230H –       Afterwards, head back to the resort for lunch and freshen up.
1300H –       Travel back to Manila 

Along the way, don't miss to grab some souvenirs and local snacks such as salted eggs and Espasol (rice cake). Oh, did you know that Laguna is the home of the best buko pies in the Philippines? Make sure to bring home a box of it, alright!?!
Whilst traveling to farther places are now getting easier, some tourists tend to overlook those destinations that are close by without knowing that those are also worthy to be explored.  So, whether you're in the hunt for an escape from the busy city or just want to have a good dose of adventure, then make sure to consider exploring Pagsanjan Falls. Trust us, this place won't disappoint.

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