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Thursday, January 5, 2017


Have you ever wonder why the Philippines is called 'the Pearl of the Orient Seas'? Maybe, you are thinking because of its rich natural resources? Or because it is situated in the east of the Pacific Ocean?

I interviewed several millennial professionals in Makati City, Metro Manila and here are their honest, on the spot, common and different opinions about the subject matter:

Because the Philippines is... in natural resources... archipelago...
...abundant with marine resources...
...a place where the biggest pearl on earth found...
...because of its geographic location... in culture...
...a tropical country... was discussed in Araling Panlipunan (Social Study) class, but I don't remember...
...and so on and so forth

Well, I cannot say if their answers are right or wrong. All opinions are correct anyway.

Historically, the Philippines was first dubbed as “Perla del Mar de Oriente” (Pearl of the Orient Seas) in 1751 by a Spanish Jesuit missionary, Father Juan J. Delgado. In 1896, our national hero, Dr. Jose P. Rizal, used the phrase referring to the Philippines in his last poem, "Mi ultimo adios." Then, the moniker also included in the revisions of the Philippine anthem in 1960.

Diving Experience

Following through this name, the Philipines is a producer of pearls and the important source of the Golden South Sea Pearls, where the Badjaos are well-known skilled drivers who search for this rare natural gem. At present most of the pearl farming activity is found in the island of Palawan (source).

Another kudos goes to the Philippines, that really compliment its sobriquet. It was here where the biggest pearl in the world recovered. The giant clam pearl weighing around 34 kg or 5.2 stone with 1ft. wide and 2.2ft. long (source). It is considered to be the biggest if approved after the Genius Book of Record holder the Pearl of Lao Tsu with 6.4 kg.

The Philippines is an archipelago located in the South East Asia and completely surrounded by water with the Pacific Ocean on its north east and east, Celebes Sea on its south, Sulu Sea on its south west and West Philippine on west and north west. The country is known to have 7,107 islands, but recently the National Mapping and Resource Information Authority (NAMRIA) discovered 534 unknown new islands of the country located in Mindanao according to CNN Philippines. Today, the total registered and official count is 7,641 islands (source).

Hundred Island, Pangasinan

Philippine is indeed a country close to paradise. A place blessed with natural wonders, diverse cultures, traditions and historical treasures. This place is a haven not only for locals but for foreigners who loved the different rhythm of travel activities from extreme adventure to tranquil yet sophisticated and relaxing environment and surroundings. The country has a lot to offer, so many to mention, plus you'll love the innate hospitality and happy faces of the people.

El Nido, Palawan

From then til now, Philippines carries this significant name, not only described because of its antiquity but because of each hidden experience and story created underneath each dates passing through on each island we call history that perfectly defined your islastory.

Now folks, I'm leaving the answers to you, (whatever it is, how you describe it, how you picture and see it, how do you feel about it?) why the Philippines is the Pearl of the Orient Seas.

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