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Sunday, January 22, 2017



          Learn more about the Philippines culture by experiencing its different kind of festival or known as fiesta which can be religious or cultural. Festivals in the Philippines is so much interesting and get to know the history behind each festival.

San Isidro Labrador

Pahiyas Festival

          One of the very well known festival is the Pahiyas Festival it is every 15th May of the year which held in Lucban, Quezon as a commemoration of San Isidro Labrador “Patron Saint of Farmers”. It is a way of Filipinos to give honor to San Isidro and to promote local goods and product as well. From Manila it will take 3-4hrs travel time going to Lucban Quezon. Pahiyas Festival is one of the most anticipated festive in the Philippines for its colorful and creative ways of celebrating a bountiful harvest wherein you can see the exterior of the house is decorated and made from different kind of fruits, vegetables, native handicrafts, and colorful kiping. Kiping is a leaf shaped wafers that is made out of rice incorporated of different colors. The houses showcase the unique and vibrant design which attracts more people, there will be an awarding of the winner for the best design. Expect the traffic and the volume of foreign tourist and even locals who don’t want to miss the thanksgiving of the said festival. As a first timer indeed it was a long arduous day but I really enjoy my experienced especially I am with Nikon Club Philippines and conducted a photowalk so I gained additional knowledge in photography at the same time and to know more about the Quezon Province.

Houses during Pahiyas Festival

Houses during Pahiyas Festival

Houses during Pahiyas Festival

          Other things that you can do is to visit and attend the mass in San Luis Obispo de Tolosa Parish Church or better known as the Lucban Church and see the stunning façade of the church. You can easily notice that the church has been stood there for so long over 200+ years old. You can also have a sidetrip to Kamay ni Hesus. It will take you 300+ steps ascending to the 50 foot statue of Christ and you will see a magnificent view of Lucban.  They have a parade and bands also that you can watch, Pahiyas Festival has so much to offer that will make you come back.

Lucban Church

Miniature display inside the church

Interior of the church

Kamay ni Hesus

Beauty of Pahiyas Festival

          Of course your trip to Pahiyas Festival is not complete without trying their foods and buying souvenirs to bring with you going back home. A must try to taste is the famous Pancit Habhab and delicious Longganisang Lucban a tasty local sausage that is rich in flavor. Pancit Habhab is served in a banana leaf and sold almost everywhere around Lucban, the right way in eating the Pancit Habhab is without using a fork in short you just have to use your mouth in eating it and enjoy it. Pancit Habhab is a simple dish it doesn’t have a lot of recipe and its best when you poured vinegar on it as its partner, better to try it because you cannot consider yourself that you have been to Lucban Quezon without even tasting it.

Pancit Habhab


Battle of Pancit Habhab (source)

Nikon Club Philippines

(c) Mr. Juan Calleja (Founder at Philippine Outdoor Photographers)

A warm welcome awaits you from the locals, it is such a great time. I would love to be back every year in Pahiyas Festival.

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