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Friday, January 27, 2017


Supposed to be it was a normal weekend for me. No work so I should be spending off at home with my family until I decided to join my best friend in her discovery climb.Bursting with sheer courage, we embarked on an adventure I knew nothing about. None of us had the idea of the mountain exact location.All that was there is the hope of discovering what lies at the summit of the controversial Mt. Sawi.

We arrived in Dupinga River in Gabaldon, Nueva Ecija safely after 4 hours ride. Since there is no DENR or Barangay committee in-charge for the hiking regulations, which normally signing up some documentations and hired a guide to require, we just seek local people who are well known about the place to help us reach the summit.

Mt. Sawi ,Nueva Ecija

The mountain is called 'Mt. Sawi' or 'Mt.Bigti' (the words literally means in Filipino: sawi, ‘despair’; bigti, ‘hang oneself’) because according to the locals, there was a girl who hanged herself to death at the summit of the said mountain.


We started walking at 5:45 towards the main jump off point quickly. It was not easy for me since I am not used to of mounting climbing. There are no flat grounds, only assault.

Trail going to summit

Most part of the trail is grassland with sharp edges; some are as tall as a human so you must really be covered with the right attire.
The scorching heat of the sun and the sharp grasses makes it more difficult but there’s no turning back.

View from the top

Mountaineers at the dead tree 

At 7 o'clock we already reached the summit. There are no other mountaineers but us. Isn’t it amazing? I muttered the word “wow” many times for the indescribable feeling.

My heart is filled with gladness that I reached this beautiful place.Though it was tough but it was very fulfilling experience. I’m also proud of myself that I survived and made it there on top.

We stayed in the view deck for more than an hour to relax and capture the view. Then, we decided to descend at 9 o'clock.

It would only take 2 hours to reach the summit. It's a minor climb and is really good for beginners/first timer like me.At 11, we headed to our side trip which is Dingalan, Aurora ( Batanes of the east).

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