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Tuesday, January 31, 2017


Summer is coming, and I remember when we went in Nasugbu Batangas for 2nd quarter team building. We are looking for affordable but a nice place that can hold our team. Nasugbu have great beaches you can also enjoy the nature and be private at the same time.

At first I doubted if we continue going in the area especially when you work in admin, accounting & finance department –-- too busy.  Add more actually distance from Manila to Nasugbu Batangas. But when it comes to beaches, Nasugbu has a lot to offer to you. And in that note we push through.

Smile of success, after we check in at the lodge resort "JohnDel Beach Resort" we went to the beach for photo-ops. The resort is accessible through a two - hour drive form Manila passing through scenic Tagaytay City in Cavite.

When you get there you will find yourself in a haven of sun, sea and sand converged in a tropical setting, removed from the cares of daily life. It’s really stunning, the colors of the sky mixing red, black, yellow and more.

It’s really amazing worth the distance.

Day 0, first activity - bonfire on the beach front while playing “Pinoy Henyo” and roasting marshmallows with chips.

After the activity we had our dinner it was extremely delicious. To assure the quality and quantity of our food we decided to hire a cook near the area to prepare all meals during our two days stay at the place.

Good morning Nasugbu..

It’s too early; we took advantage to walk on the beach front. It’s something we want to do and made us feel physically, mentally prepared for today’s activities.  

Surprisingly there are different activities at the sea side, such as Island hopping, horseback riding and a lot more. For only P50.00 you can tour and ride by the horse and I think when you really get to know a horse you develop strong bond and friendship the same way you would with a treasured pet.

Let’s do Island hopping – crossing of an ocean by a series of shorter journeys directly to the destination.

Off from our Resort to White Beach – a private part in Nasugbu but now some part opened to public. Banana boat ride also available for only P200.00 per head.

The place is beautiful and perfect for family bonding and friends. The backgrounds serve as a masterpiece for pictorial. The soft white sand as one of tourist attraction in the area is really the best! But the most important thing is to enjoy the place in your own way.

Explore. Dream. Discover – Go find yourself!!

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