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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

The Adventure from Tagaytay to Batangas

Do you ever want a budget beach escape and an awesome road trip? Try and visit Tagaytay to Nasugbu Batangas. It’s a fun drive and perfect getaway from the city life.

First off its a minimum of a 1-hour drive and a Maximum of a 3-hour drive from NCR(National Capital Region here in the Philippines.

First stop is if you want to go for a short hike and little boat trip you can go climb Mount Taal the boat trip going from Tagaytay to it will cost around 1000 PHP (Philippine peso) for a boat ride and if you’re not that athletic and you don’t want to climb the mountain but you still want to view the beauty of Mount Taal you can still do you may rent a horse with a guide to help climb that long steep mountain of Mount Taal. It will cost roughly around 500 PHP. In my personal preference, it’s more fun and thrilling to climb the mountains.It would take around 1 hour to climb up mount Taal.

Top of Taal


Our next stop is the beaches of Batangas it's a fun soothing and budget get away with only 3000 PHP you can experience white sand beaches in Batangas. it's a fun budget get away from city life in the Philippines.You can even ride a banana boat in some of the beaches there but it will cost you some extra peso but it's a fun experience.

Beach of Nasugbu

After some fun times at the beach you might want to go food tripping or site seeing the perfect place would be Taal Vista hotel their buffet offers unique choices of local food and there quite delicious they also offer a nice view one of the best views of the Mount Taal and if you want you could take a lot of selfies there.

Beautiful Views in Tagaytay

Overlooking the view

Our last stop is at the puzzle mansion in Tagaytay where you can see a lot of jigsaw puzzle that was done by brilliant Filipinos and you can even buy jigsaw puzzles there as souvenirs. 


Overall having a road trip to Tagaytay and Batangas is really fun and there many places that are naturally and artistically beautiful there even once that wasn't mentioned here.
The experience is more fun when you have friends with you along this trip.

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