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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Batangas: A Cheap Escape

Got no time to travel? Not even the luxury to spend a day out of your usual boundaries? You need not be hard on yourself; sometimes a little time off your usual routine would make you feel rejuvenated, a little fresh for some.

It has always been a dream of mine, which is rather mainstream, to venture out and visit those well know places that everybody wants to spend their weekends such as  Cebu, Palawan, Boracay, you name it, places which almost everybody has been. Then I came to realize that there are other places waiting to be discovered, so I become rather dauntless and decided to see every corner of the world, or maybe just the Philippines for now.

Taal Lake view from the room
I went to a little adventure to Batangas; a well-known province for Taal Volcano and its many beach spot. It's just a 2-hours drive away from Manila, the closest in the metro when you really need a quick getaway. We traveled with a stormy weather but the scenery is still breathtaking, a sunny day could've made it even worth while.

Batangas has 3 independents city, Batangas City, Lipa City, and Tanauan City. We find ourselves in Lipa, where Shercon Resort and Ecology Park resides.

15-20 minutes away from Lipa City nestled a huge haven right in the middle of the forest, literarily; it is situated in the highlands of Lipa at Brgy. San Sebastian, Mataas na Kahoy, Batangas.  Having a huge area, Shercon Resort can hold events such as weddings, seminar, parties, and team building. Plus they offer an enchanting view of the Taal Lake. 

Taal Lake view at the Pavillion
In the resort ground, you’ll find a pavilion that could host a wedding, a seminar/conference area (I think they have around 4), a maze, life-sized chess board, and other activities such as Zipline, Rappelling, Wall Climbing.

Wall Climbing, Zipline, and Rappelling activities

 The highlights are the Shercon’s 17 pools that are all accessible even for day tours only. Yes, they definitely have SEVENTEEN pool; 6 large pools and 11 pocket pools.  

Walking around the area may take some of your energy, they have a steep road to walk to so prepare those lungs of yours. Don’t forget to bring a handy water bottle and a wear a comfy slipper or sandals. 

11 Pocket Pools

If you’re planning to stay the night, they have a wide selection of accommodation which is mostly good for a group, so if you're planning to go with your barkada or your family, it’s a place for you. 


All type of accommodations has an access to a pool but I would suggest staying in their Hotel Building. A room costs Php 5,000.00 a night inclusive of entrance fees, breakfast, dinner for two and the best view of the Taal Lake.

The hotel room is huge enough to accommodate maximum 6 persons with its 2 Double Bed plus a pulley bed on each.  

If you want to maximize your day off, you may also venture a little in Tagaytay first. We left Manila at around 6:00 AM and go straight to Tagaytay where we had brunch at Bag of Bean. A restaurant that serves a big hearty breakfast and a great view of Tagaytay serene forest.

You’ll probably wonder why I say this is a cheap escape, here’s why and how to get there:

  •     Find your way to Buendia or Cubao Bus Terminal (Jeep fare costs Php 7.00, depending on your accessibility to the terminal) and take a bus bound to Lipa City. Buses such as Jam Liner usually leave every hour, their first trip is at 05:00 AM; the bus fare would only cost you Php 124.00 from Buendia and Php 132.00 from Cubao.
  • ·   Ask the driver to drop you off at Lipa Tambo Exit, Star Tollway. Then cross the streets and ride a jeepney going to M. Kahoy or Mataas na Kahoy; fare is Php 7.00
  •     Tell the driver to drop you off at 7-Eleven, there find a tricycle going to Shercon Resort; fare is Php 50.00 per tricycle (So the bigger group the cheaper!)
  •     You’ll know you've arrived when a large horse carriage welcomes you. You just need to check-in at the information desk right by the gate and pay for an entrance fee of Php 250.00 for day tour between 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM which is just enough time to chill and enjoy the place.
See, overall, that’s more or less Php 600 pesos. For your food, Shercon Resort doesn’t charge corkages and are more than willing to allow grill cooking, pack all the foods you need and enjoy. Baon won’t kill you!

For more details on their accommodation, you may visit their website here, or if you're still in doubt, check out their TripAdvisor reviews here

Cheat Tip:
·         Bring mosquito repellent, since Shercon Resort is located in the forest, during the night they're like vampires that will try to suck your blood out.
·         If you stay overnight or even day tour only without any private service, don’t stay too late. It’s quite hard to find a tricycle back to the main road considering this is on the mountain (We actually waited for around 30 minutes just to get a ride.)
·         Don’t get too comfy in the bed! Get out and explore the whole area, grab a map at the information desk upon checking in as you will need it. We missed a spot on our visit ‘cause I was too caught up with staying on the bed and rest. Booo-hoo!  

FYI, Batangas is the 2nd largest international seaport and one of the closest gateways to Mindoro, or should I say… Puerto Galera, baby! One of the major dive spots in the Philippines, so yeah, this means should you have a longer vacation; you’ll need a ferry ticket to Puerto Galera.

These little weekend trips to the unknown place are what I call “getting lost”, it sounds scary but it may also be a way for you to fuel your inspiration in discovering and experiencing more of this little haven. Sometimes the grandeur expedition doesn't always give all your spiritual needs; sometimes what you need is just around the corner waiting to be discovered. All it wants is for you to open your eyes, be open-minded and try… just once.

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