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Tuesday, January 17, 2017


"Sometimes, the real beauty is hidden in a place far from the city".

Welcome to Canigao - an Island surrounded with white sand, rich marine resources, scenic coral reef areas, diving and snorkeling paradise, abundant fishing grounds with natural breathtaking beauty and yes, very friendly locals. It is located in the Eastern part of Visayas (Region VIII), in the province of Leyte, Municipality of Matalom. An Island that offers picturesque views that can be defined as a “perfect beach getaway”. It also features a man-made lighthouse that serves as a navigational aid and warns boats of dangerous areas.  And to be able to guarantee the conservation of the beauty and peace in this paradise, some part of the island is placed under nature protection where human activities like diving, snorkeling, fishing, etc. are prohibited by law. This is also a chance for the next incoming generations to see, witness, experience and love what Canigao Island in Matalom, Leyte has to offer.




Based on my experience, growing up in a province far from modernization might not always give you a lot of exciting activities and a perfect family & friend getaway compared when traveling into different cities or countries. But always remember, sometimes, the real beauty is hidden in a place far from the city”. 

So if you are searching for an island that will definitely satisfy you, an island that will give you and your family a memories to be kept and treasured, an island that will give you an all in one experience of true and natural beauty starting from the tiny white sand, clear blue water, perfect diving, and snorkeling area, rich natural marine resources, picturesque view of the sunrise, sunset &, stargazing spot, or even catch some fresh seafood’s, you are definitely looking for Canigao Island, and I assure you, you will love not just the island, not just the scenery, but the locals as well.

This is my recommendation to you, as I’ve been here for a couple of times, and I knew, that I will be coming here for more years to come, as this island has it all and this province is my home. 
This place is my birthplace; this is where my heart belongs.

Perfect Beach Getaway


Wondering if a single day is enough to enjoy everything about Canigao Island? Well, you are definitely wrong. You need to stay for a couple of days and nights as you will never get enough of this paradise as there are lots of thing to do and different activities to experience.

Start it by simply enjoying the beach, swim to its clearest salt water, snorkel and dive to its sea creatures.  You may also call your relatives and friends to invite them to play beach volleyball, or go along with the kids as they walk around the island and take a lot of pictures.

But if you are a silent type of person, you may also enjoy the island while a headset or a walkman is right beside you and just wait for the sunset and sunrise to appear.  Then, you can start to pitch a tent and camp for the night and do stargazing.

When kids love to explore the white sand island


There are many ways to reach Canigao Island either by land or by air. But the easiest and most accessible ways are stated below: 

First, if traveling from any international country, book a flight and head over to (1) Ninoy Aquino International Airport, (2) Mactan–Cebu International Airport, or (3) Francisco Bangoy International Airport (Davao City).
*If aiming to reach Canigao Island as soon as you arrived in any of the three airports mentioned above, just reach Daniel Z. Romualdez Airport (Tacloban City) for a hassle free travel.

Second, if traveling from any local flights/travel, book a flight and head over to (1) Daniel Z. Romualdez Airport (Tacloban City), or (2) Francisco Bangoy International Airport (Davao City).

Now,let me tell you this straight from the heartthis is indeed our pride. Matalom Leytes' pride.

Just always bring Filipino Hospitality everywhere! 
* * *

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