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Tuesday, January 31, 2017


Well it all started last July when all airlines are on promo and I was looking also on those and eventually it's bohol that came into my mind. So we booked via Cebu Pacific which is much cheaper and to be hassle-free, we got our tour package on RAKSO TRAVEL.
Our flight is 7 am on Terminal 3 and we have to leave early in our house to avoid traffic jam on Manila. So as what you’ve seen on my face I’m very sleepy yet excited to ride again on airplane seeing clouds above.

List of destinations we have visited:
  • Staycation in HENANN RESORT BOHOL

On our first day, we just decided to spend the whole day exploring HENANN RESORT BOHOL. From the airport to resort, it took us only 30-45 mins. The day and night at the resort is full of relaxing moment from a warm hospitality of their crew and their white sand beach. I will never forget their floating bar and infinity pool.

Touchdown Henann Resort Bohol! A beautiful and relaxing place to be. When got on our room, we just place our bag and go out to roam around the resort. Tadaaa! I never get to miss a chance taking a picture on I <3 HENNAN.

                                                                        I REALLY <3 HENANN
When the sunrises on the second day, we prepared our self for a long day tour. For our package, it includes a private car with tour guide. On our first stop, we take a short stop to begin our adventure on where Bohol started, BLOOD COMPACT. As we arrived, we saw a big sculpture and it was made by a boholano artist, Napoleon Abueva. The sculpture is portraying 5 life-sized images of men around a table with two men having a toast (LEGAZPI AND SIKATUNA).

                                                                            BLOOD COMPACT 
Next is a very historical church,BACLAYON CHURCH that turns out to be a ruins for a moment since earthquake of 2013. The guide told us that the government is already planning to finish the reconstruction of the church this year.
So as we passed by, we saw the lovable MAN-MADE FOREST.. We only park on the side of the street and never miss a chance to take a picture on the middle of the road surrounding lots of mahogany trees.


Next in line we will visit the Bohol's very own, TARSIER. It was adorably cute as they were hanging on a tree with their big wide eyes opened. Touching and taking pictures with flash on them is strictly prohibited.
So here it is, LUNCH TIME! We ate on the famous tourist destination here in Bohol which is the LOBOC RIVER CRUISE. This is located in the town of CARMEN, center of Bohol. How lovely to eat on a river cruise and with buffet meal. Lots of Filipino meals to choose from. As we are cruising by the river, it was really green and clean. People living around put importance on their natural resources and I must say they are well-disciplined indivuals. At the middle of the cruise, we stopped on the side and local people perform native dance like tinikling.

Finally! a glimpse to which holds Bohol popularity,hundreds of steps to reached the best sights, few more steps and my legs started to feel the pain but effort is truly worth it here comes the,CHOCOLATE HILLS. As what the saying tells "save the best for last" and this completes our 3 days and 2 nights of Bohol Exploration. Never miss the chance to see all the very famous hills located in Carmen,Bohol. It consists of atleast 1,260 hills on a big hectares of land and they are covered with green grass.
                                                                              CHOCOLATE HILLS
Really the time flies so fast and we are about to leave Bohol the next day. I will never say goodbye but we will meet each other again, BOHOL! 

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