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Friday, June 28, 2019

Things to do in Siargao: Epic Adventures aside from Surfing

A bright sun, the ocean breeze swaying the palm trees, some locals teaching tourists how to surf by the shore, while others show off their tricks and conquer the barreling waves of Cloud 9, this is just a typical scenario on the island of Siargao - the surfing Mecca of the Philippines.
Most people come here to surf and watch both national and international surfing competitions but as we always say, Siargao is more than just the waves! This tear-dropped shaped island has so much to offer, from the mainland up to secluded islands off its shore.
If you happen to consider including Siargao on your bucket list, you're most probably scouring over the internet of which activities to try aside from surfing, right?  Well then, consider your search over as we curated below a list of various activities worth trying to when in Siargao!


What to expect?
Swimming with a jellyfish beside you is frightening already, but what more if it's a swarm of jellyfish inside a lagoon?
In a maze-like place like Sohoton Cove, there are pretty bizarre things that locals find, just like Jellyfish Sanctuary! This lagoon is home to two species of jellyfish, one is Aurelia Aurita, also known as moon jellyfish, moon jelly, or saucer jelly, while the other one is Mastigias Papua or the lagoon jelly, a brown-spotted jelly.
You can touch them from your boat or swim around the lagoon without worrying about getting stung by these little creatures 'cause both jellies are STINGLESS! Best time to visit here is during the month of May and April when these jellies are all over the lagoon. They can even reach the next lagoon with their numbers!
But before you dive down from your boat make sure not put sunblock or sunscreen on 'cause these little creatures are sensitive to chemicals, as well as touching them too much, or else they'll swim deeper!


What to expect?
What are tropical dreams made of? Mostly palm trees...and Siargao got lots of them!
Everywhere you lay your eyes on this island, you see yourself staring in a palm tree. As you roam around and visit some destinations, you'll eventually pass by at their so-called "Top of the road" which is a straight road with lined-up palm trees.
You may be wondering, what's so special about this place? Let us tell you why. The whole area got this tropical landscape that gives out this laidback feeling and it’s undeniably breathtaking! Some even pull over to the side of the road to indulge the whole place and of course, capture some Instagram worthy shots!


What to expect?
When some people first heard about the name "Naked Island", the first thing that would probably come to their mind is a place where people go out skinny dipping. But we tell you what...the Naked Island in Siargao is far from that!
It's not literally what the name suggests; Naked Island just doesn't have anything on it except for small bushes thriving around hence earning its name. 
Some would've mistaken it as a sandbar but it really is an island, however, just like any other sandbars, the size of this island depends on the tide.
And with the lack of trees, huts, and shades, this island indeed makes a perfect place to get your tan on or hang out with friends early in the morning!


What to expect?
Sure there are lots of palm trees in Siargao, but this one is amazingly unique!
Located at Maasin River, people stop here for a quick cruise, refreshing dip, and particularly a swing in the famous "Bent Palm Tree". It's definitely an experience worth trying to! From the bottom of the tree, you need to climb up to reach for the swing, once you got a nice grip all you have to do is release your inner Tarzan and end up splashing at the turquoise waters of the river.

While waiting for your turn, you'd probably notice most of the locals that spend time here are kids. So, when in doubt of your skills, just ask them how they do it!


What to expect?
If you're looking for a quick day trip, then let us tell you where best to go!
Off the East coast of the mainland Siargao, you'll find Magpupungko Rock Pool. It's a bit of a tongue twister, right? During high tide, this place pretty much seems like a normal coastline, but as soon as the tide recedes that's where the magic happens!
Natural rock pools emerge boasting with the most azure water you'll ever see! There are also caves and awesome cliff jumping spots around the area. Note, when climbing up to the rock formations make sure to wear aqua shoes or slipper 'cause they are jagged and can get kinda sharp. 
The waters here can reach up to 3 meters deep which means, you don't have to worry about hitting the bottom when you jump from a cliff.  But, if it's not your cup of tea, you can just swim and snorkel around!


What to expect?
One of the most popular tours when in Siargao is a visit to Sugba Lagoon!
Tourists come here for its dense forests, crystal clear waters, and serene surrounding. So, if you're looking for a place to take a break for the busy cities then this must be your ideal place!
The main attraction here is the two-story pontoon house that lies inside the lush mountains surrounded by still waters. 
Usually, people spend time here through stand-up paddling or kayaking. But, what you truly shouldn't miss in here is a jump from its famous wooden diving board which almost seems like a ritual for every tourist in Siargao. Not only it makes a great Instagrammable photo but it's one exciting experience!
So, have you decided yet which activities you would like to try? These are only a few of Siargao’s best, there are a few more exhilarating activities that we know you'd love to give a shot as well. No worries, we'd love to help you create your own story your way.

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