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Thursday, June 13, 2019

Venice Grand Canal Mall: A Taste of Italy

Italy is one of the few countries in Europe every traveler wants to visit, part of that is the city where most artist, writers and architects are inspired – Venice. The City of Bridges that has always been on every travel bucket list. 
Luckily, for those who dream to see the Grand Canal in Venice, you only need to go to McKinley Hill, Taguig City where it houses the Venice Grand Canal Mall by Megaworld.
Venice Grand Canal Mall is filled with colorful facades, intricate details, and picture-perfect elements like the bridges, balconies and gondolas, few reasons why Filipinos flock this dining and shopping hub with their friends, families, and selfie sticks. And the entrance here is completely free! Who wouldn't want that, right?

So, to give you an idea of what’s waiting for you in this one-of-a-kind mall, check out our blog below:

6 Things you can do at Venice Grand Canal Mall
Gondola rides
Upon entering the mall, the first thing you’ll recognize is the blue water of the ‘canal’. Most likely you’ll see a couple of people taking a ride on the Gondola, a small long, narrow boat with a high prow and stern, propelled with a single oar. The Gondola Ride costs 500php per person. Boat paddlers, wearing the traditional gondolier clothing, will assist you in cruising the stretch of the grand canal. Though the ride is pricey, the experience itself is truly priceless. 
Venice Grand Canal Mall is not only popular for it’s beautiful fa├žade, but it’s also famous for its wide variety of restaurants and food stalls. You can’t go hungry after you had your long stroll along the Canal.
Take Photos
You can't go wrong with the Italian inspired mall, every nook and cranny is worthy for an Instagram feed exposure.
Watch a movie
Its one thing to appreciate the exterior, however spending some tune inside the mall is different, watch the latest movie in one of their Cinemas.

It's not only filled restaurants and gondolas but there are a lot of shops and boutiques inside the mall and sometimes they showcase a bazaar.
Taking a stroll
If you're in a tight budget and you just want to get some time alone, taking a stroll around the mall is another thing you can do. Walking along the waterway or just admiring the whole Grand Canal from the bridge.

Might be day or night, it’s a place where you can hang-out with friends; go on a romantic date or a place to spend time with your family.

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