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Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Color-Fun Summer at Inflatable Island!

Are you looking for a weekend getaway near the metro? How about anything perfect for the kids or kids at heart? Or maybe just some place to beat the heat this summer? If you said yes to at least one of our question, then you should definitely continue reading!
Opened in April 2017, Inflatable Island is a 4,100sqm floating playground that includes several water-based activities such as slides, towers, bridges, human launchers, swings and so much more!
This is considered as the biggest inflatable island in Asia as it has a size of equivalent to eight (8) basketball courts side by side. It's a summer go-to for all ages as it features a colorful floating playground,  various animal shaped floats, the very first largest unicorn island for the unicorn-lovers, and their Bali-inspired beach lounge for those who want to just chill by the beach. 
Inflatable Island offers four (4) pass option: Sprinkle (1-hr), Splash (2-hrs), Spray (Half day), and Soaked (Whole day). All with access to both Inflatable and Unicorn Island plus whole day access to the Pink Bali Lounge, beach area, and floating zoo floats. 
This has become the most popular destination whether you're looking for your next beach getaway with your family, friends, and loved ones. They even host team building activities that schools and private companies will surely enjoy.

For the kids, it's already given that they will surely love the overall ambiance as it is as playful as it could be. What's great about the place is you could actually let your child play on their own as they have professional team scattered around the playground to assist all playing guests (check height requirement). So that's hitting two birds at one stone; parents' enjoying their own time by the beach and kids having a good time on their own! 
For teens and adults (or should we say young at hearts?), both will surely fall in love in the Pink Bali Lounge and the beach floats that are both super stylish, it'll definitely compliment your Instagram feed! Rather spend a relaxing day?  There are food stalls available for you to choose from, just lay back at the beach lounge and let the beach breeze cool you off. If you're feeling a little playful, you won't be too old even on the Floating Zoo because pool floats are now the trendiest accessory of the summer - especially for the adults - so let these cute floating animals brighten your day! 
If you're one of those who just wanted to chill by the beach and watch the sunset at the pink oasis, then worry not. The inflatable island also offers a beach-only pass that could only be bought upon arrival at the playground. 
Need we say more?  Don't miss out in the fun, so this summer, get ready to get wet as you slide, get tossed, swing, and fly at this floating playground.

Choose your pass and click here to book your Inflatable Island passes:  Spray Pass (Half day) | Soaked Pass (Whole day)


Oops! Before you pack your bags, better to know this information first, so let us guide you with quick What-to-know before playing at the Inflatable Island.

Children with height 3 feet and above could play at the Inflatable + Unicorn Island. However, for ages 3-6 years old between 3 to 4 feet, requires adult supervision. Inflatable Island follows a 1:1 adult-kid ratio.

Female: Swimsuit, Rashguard, swim leggings/shorts
Male: Swim trunks/board shorts, Rashguard
Bring: Action camera, change of clothes, toiletries (such as shampoo, conditioner, soap), sunblock, padlocks

Anything with sharp, zipper, sequins, beads, or anything that could punch holes or harm the floats are prohibited in the inflatable + unicorn island.

Located at Olongapo, Zambales, Inflatable Island is just 30-minutes drive away from Subic and about 3-hours away from Metro Manila.

Public Transportation
From Victory Liner Terminal (Pasay/Cubao/Caloocan), take a bus for OLONGAPO CITY. Upon arriving at Olongapo Victory Liner Terminal, look for the BLUE JEEP TERMINAL located near Chowking Restaurant. Ride a jeep and tell the driver to drop you off in Halfmoon Beach and you'll be able to see signs to follow going to Inflatable Island PH. Bus rates range from Php 194 - 300 per person.

Private Transportation
Why not we just take you there, alright? Let our friendly drivers ease your worries, book your private transfers here: Rent-a-van from Manila | Rent-a-van from Clark

Wanna get their quick and easy? Give us a call or email us to book for a 15-minute seaplane from Manila to Subic.

  • You may not be allowed to bring action camera on a stick at the playground, so make sure to secure your handy floaters with you!

  • As much as possible follow the dress code and wear smooth material clothes (such as latex). Not only does it prevent from damaging the floats but it also helps in sliding easier and better.

  • If you want to wear a swimsuit, better opt to one piece or suffer an inevitable wardrobe malfunction. Remember, you’ll be jumping, flying, flipping, and tumbling like crazy!

  • Why did we ask you to bring padlocks?  Well if you're traveling alone you can rent a locker for your stuff!  Price ranges from Php 50 to Php 150 depending on the locker size and/or play pass.

  • To maximize the play time, it's better to set your action camera on video mode instead of stopping every now and then to take a photo.

  • Since the island is composed of various obstacle courses, it's better to follow where the tracks go. If you feel you can't do it, then skip and go at your own pace. (But at least try)

  • There's a lot of swimming and being under the heat will make you feel thirsty, so make sure to drink a lot of water before starting. You don't want to waste your time going back and forth just to get a drink, don't you?

  • It will be super slippery! So make sure to fasten your life jackets and if you have anti-slip foot pads, it's probably cheating but if it helps, why not?!

  • Bringing of food from outside is not allowed, so better bring extra cash as there are no ATMs nearby. 

  • If you have ailments or felt something out of the ordinary as you play, inform the nearby lifeguards. Inflatable Island has a clinic that could attend to first aid needs.

  • For the girls, it's better to clip your nails before the tumble day. You'll probably get all grazed with all the crazy activities you'll be doing.

  • Lastly, have a color-fun!

Watch Isla Story's experience at the fun Inflatable Island Subic!

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