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Friday, May 17, 2019

El Nido Travel Guide: 4 Days and 3 Nights

El Nido had been one of the premier destinations not just in the Philippines, but also the whole world and it's not even hard to see why!
If it's your first time visiting El Nido, here's what you should know. El Nido is a small municipality nestled on the northern tip of the Palawan Island. It's considered to be the main gateway to the famous Biscuit Archipelago which is a group of islands surrounded by towering karst cliffs and white sand beaches.  Although there are not many landmarks here, what people look forward to are the island hopping tours.
Since it is widely known that this place is abundant with natural landscapes, crystal clear waters, towering limestone cliffs, impressive dive sites, rich food culture, and amazing people, creating a list of where to go, what to  do, where to eat, and even deciding where to stay can be kinda exhausting, right? But hey, set your worries aside as we now took the liberty of looking these things up and running it down for you in one comprehensive itinerary below.

Better grab a pen and paper now and prepare to take note below suggested itinerary for you to try!

Getting to El Nido
There are two (2) ways of getting to El Nido:

Through the past years, more and more ways on how to reach El Nido emerges especially by air. Here are your options:

Option 1, you can book a direct flight from Manila (MNL) to Lio Airport (ENI) -the airport serving El Nido and just a few minutes away from the town via a local carrier that’ll take about an hour and 15 minutes, but it’ll cost you probably more than your accommodation.

Option 2, where you can fly with Philippine Airlines (PAL) from Clark (CRK) to San Vicente, Palawan (SWL) that will only take around 1 hour and 30 minutes. This route was just recently opened by PAL aiming to provide a worry-free flight to all its passengers and a cheaper seat rate for those who can’t afford the direct flights.

Option 3, you can book a flight bound to Puerto Princesa (PPS) via Philippine Airlines which will take about an hour and 25 minutes, then another 35 minutes flight going to El Nido via a local carrier. This option is also kind of expensive but not that tiring at all.

Option 4, where you’ll take the Puerto Princesa flight…followed by a six-hour van transfer from Puerto Princesa City going to El Nido. This option is cheaper but admit it, this one can be really exhausting and a waste of time!

To maximize your time, we recommended flying in the early morning so that you’ll have lots of free time in the afternoon. Read more here to see Philippine Airline’s flight schedule: How to Go to El Nido via Philippine Airlines

Ready to book? Check the flight availability here: Rakso Travel Airline Ticket Reservation

El Nido can also be easily reached via fast craft coming from El Nido with only 2 hours of travel time. Through this, you can manage to combine Coron, El Nido, and Puerto Princesa in one long stay itinerary especially for those travelers who want to experience the best of whole Palawan.

Recommended Hotel
Here are our suggested hotels or resort to stay in to match your style.
Backpackers:                       Hotel Covo
Family:                                 El Nido Cove Resort
Deluxe Budget:                    Seda Lio
Luxury:                                 Cauayan Island Resort
              Private:                                El Nido Resorts – Lagen Island

For more details, check this link: Where to Stay When in El Nido

Travel Itinerary

Day 1: Arrival

Whether you’re arriving via ferry from Coron Island or plane via Puerto Princesa Airport/ San Vicente Airport/Lio Airport, our friendly representative will pick you up and transfer you to the resort/hotel. Feel free to enjoy your time resting at the comforts of your room or you can step outside and explore what the mainland has to offer.
Aside from munching on various delectable delights, you can spend your afternoon at Las Cabanas Beach also known as Marimegmeg Beach. It's just a few minutes away from the town offering a laid-back ambiance because of its golden sand and lined-up palm trees. And during the famous El Nido sunset, the sands glimmer as soon as the sun's ray hit it; now that's something you shouldn't miss in here!

Day 2: Lagoons and Beaches

El Nido has been long known for its remarkable islands in karst cliffs and with amazing beaches. What better way to enjoy them? Thru El Nido Island Hopping Tour A! If you're a first-timer in El Nido then better opt to have this one on your first day as it features all the must-visit islands.
First stop is the Secret Lagoon which can only be accessed by kayaking or swimming thru a small opening in one of the surrounding karst cliffs. Once inside, marvel on the pristine white beach and clear waters making you want to keep this paradise yourself!
Then head to Shimizu Island, an excellent spot to relax, have a break, and munch on delectable lunch.
To wrap up your day, spend your afternoon at Seven Commando Beach, an island featuring a wide creamy-white beach along with a lush forest and towering limestone cliffs. Curious how it got its name? Well, better ask the locals 'cause they have various versions of it!
But that's not all! For the main highlight of this tour, make sure to upgrade to a premium experience and choose between Small and Big Lagoon. Both are famous for their charming limestone cliffs, emerald green waters, and jagged karst formations. So hop on your kayak then paddle your way thru El Nido's famous lagoons and beaches!
Click here to start booking: El Nido Tour A: Lagoons and Beaches

 Day 3: Hidden Beaches and Shrines

Still can't get enough of El Nido's beauty? Then hop on your boat once again to see more hidden beaches and shrines with El Nido Island Hopping Tour C!
If you happen to wonder why it's one of the most famous tours in El Nido, let us tell you why. During this tour, you'll get to visit Helicopter Island which is named after its interesting shape. Even from afar, the long white-sand beach of this island is already inviting. After, enjoy swimming in the infinity pool-like beach of Hidden Beach that is surrounded with tall karst cliffs and snorkeling at Star Beach also known as Tapiutan Beach where you'll be stunned by its flourishing marine life.

To make your day more special, explore Matinloc Island's old shrine and get stunned by the spectacular view of El Nido on top of a jagged hill!
We all know that island hopping activities can be tiresome making some of you just want to stay in the mainland and far from the crowd. Although El Nido may not have many landmarks, this place is surrounded by beaches worth checking out like Nacpan Beach. This overrated destination is famous for its twin beaches, lined up palm trees, and local restaurants serving fresh seafood, a perfect chill out place in paradise!         
Click here to start booking: El Nido Tour C: Hidden Beaches and Shrines

Day 4: Departure

During your last day, it’s wise that you just spend the rest of your time prepping for your departure. You don’t want to ruin it with a hectic schedule by cramping tours in it, right?
Just simply stay idly at the resort/hotel, roam more around El Nido Town, try other restaurants, or do a little souvenir shopping to take home a piece of El Nido’s crafts and delicacies. We suggest grabbing some cashew nuts; they produce one of the best!
It's not difficult to appreciate El Nido’s exceptional beauty. Dramatic rock formations, steep karst cliffs surrounded by cerulean waters, impeccable white sand beach and breathtaking caves, adventure is boundless. So a 4 days vacation may not be enough but there are lots of ways for it to be worth it! We hope our guide ease you’re planning process and gave you an idea for the perfect travel!

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