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Saturday, May 18, 2019

Just Beachin’ at El Nido

Most of the people who haven't been to El Nido expects that the town beachfront is the usual beach go-to where you can laze. Even I did expect. Unfortunately, it's one of the black sanded unswimmable beaches that are only there as docking grounds of the boats. 
Now, what happens to us beachgoers who wanted some beach time for a little while? Luckily, El Nido mainland tucked a few beaches that are easy to go to and are open to the public. So you wouldn’t have to go for an island hopping adventure just to get to a beach!

So here are a few of the beaches in El Nido that you shouldn't miss!

There's a new beach in town!
Lio Beach is the pristine wide beach by Lio Tourism Estate owned and developed by Ayala Land, Inc. (ALI), one of the largest and most diversified property developer in the Philippines.
Although privately owned, Lio beach is publicly open to all tourists who wanted to peek around Lio. It's just 30-minutes drive from El Nido Town via local tricycle that usually costs Php 150-300 per way.  For guest who's checked in at one of the resort, you can enjoy free scheduled shuttle service to and from Lio Beach that runs from as early as 5 AM to 1 AM.
Another traveler's tip, Lio Estate Tourism prides themselves as number one supporter of the local artisan with shops and selling arts and crafts created by locals from organic materials and housing their museum shop within the grounds. So, you better check this one out for unique and cool souvenirs!
With the popularity of hip and modern destinations, Lio Beach has become the millennial's must-visit destination that offers an endless adventure.  From basic lounging by the beach, outdoor recreational activities, luxurious spa experience, and even casual dining by the beach, all that you can imagine is available at Lio Beach. They even have an alfresco night gig once a week where you can chill by a bonfire while listening to soothing tunes of local artists.

If you wanted a serene beach moment, you'd better check out Nacpan Beach. It's not that popular with the local which makes it the perfect beach for the foreign tourist.
From El Nido town, it'll take you around 40-minutes to 1-hour drive thru the rural roads north of El Nido, passing by a rough palmy road. Nacpan beach is a long stretch of creamy sand beach with a few small shops and beach cottages to rent. 
What's unique with Nacpan Beach is that it features a twin beach, one for swimming while the other one is good for snorkeling. There's also a quick 15-minutes trek for a great picturesque view of both beaches. Since we didn't really plan on staying for long, regrettably, we miss our chance to try these activities… but it's surely worth experiencing.

Saving the best for lasts is Las Cabanas Beach or locally known as Marimegmeg Beach. Last because if you want to spend an afternoon watching over the horizon as the sun goes down, this is definitely your stop!
Just 15-minutes from El Nido town and along National Road; it wouldn't be hard for you to find as you'll notice a lot of local transport and a private vehicle parked by the side of the road.
Las Cabanas is a chill, gray sanded beach with the amazing shoreline. Aside from lounging by the beach,  there's also a small shop just by the entrance that serves cocktails and chips as you wait for the golden hour.  Since the beach area is rather small, this is just the best sunset stop when in El Nido so it wouldn't be a shock if it's flocking with tourists.
Also, don't miss out on the adventure for as low as Php 500! There's a must-try 750-meter long zip line activity at Las Cabanas that crosses back and forth Depeldet islet. So if you wanted adventure, make sure to try this island hopping experience via a zip line,  'cause it's one perfect way of enjoying the view of the sunset and the beach from a bird's eye view.

There are still a few ones, such as Ipil Beach, however, with our limited time at El Nido, we weren't able to visit all of 'em. But that's definitely something to get back to, right?

 © David Kim
Lio beach
Lounging by Lio beach
Lio Bay
Boat Docking Area at Lio Beach
Restaurant at Lio Beach
Long Stretch of Nacpan White Sand Beach
Beach Loungers at Nacpan Beach
Foreign Beachgoers at Nacpan Beach
Nacpan Beach
Nacpan Beach
Las Cabanas Beach
Golden Hour at Las Cabanas Beach
Beachin' at Las Cabanas Beach

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