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Friday, March 29, 2019

How to go to El Nido via Philippine Airlines

It is not surprising at all if you see a lot of tourists venturing out in El Nido. With its breathtaking natural landscapes, this place already sets the bar high as one of the top tourist destinations in the Philippines!
You'll find El Nido at the northern tip of the mainland Palawan where dramatic rock formations, steep karst cliffs, cerulean waters, impeccable white sand beach, and breathtaking caves are waiting for you to be discovered.

Planning to experience this piece of paradise? Check out below how you can get there budget-wise and hassle free:

Just a few minutes away from the town is the airport serving El Nido known as Lio Airport (ENI). But as popular as a destination becomes, more and more ways on how to reach it emerges.

Option 1, you can book a direct flight from Manila (MNL) via a local carrier that’ll take about an hour and 15 minutes, but it’ll cost you probably more than your accommodation.

Option 2, you can book a flight bound to Puerto Princesa (PPS) via Philippine Airlines which will take about an hour and 25 minutes, then another 35 minutes flight going to El Nido via a local carrier. This option is also kind of expensive but not that tiring at all.

Then there’s option 3, where you’ll take the Puerto Princesa flight…followed by a six-hour van transfer from Puerto Princesa City going to El Nido. This option is cheaper but admit it, this one can be really exhausting and a waste of time!

Luckily, there is option 4 where you can fly with Philippine Airlines (PAL) from Clark (CRK) to San Vicente, Palawan (SWL) that will only take around 1 hour and 30 minutes. This route was just recently opened by PAL aiming to provide a worry-free flight to all its passengers and a cheaper seat rate for those who can’t afford the direct flights.

Imagine, paying a cheap flight but still having the same heartfelt quality service?? That’s how they do it in PAL.  
Check out below flight details:
Airport Code
Flight No.
Depart Time
Arrival Time
Clark International Airport
PR 2662
Click this link to check flight availability: RAKSO TRAVEL AIRLINE TICKET RESERVATION

Then, from San Vicente, catch a two hours van ride to El Nido town. To lessen your worries, why not let us take you there, right? Let our friendly drivers drop you off your hotels with ease. Just leave us a message on our Official Isla Story Facebook page.


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