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Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Insider Secrets: All you need to know when traveling during the Rainy Season in the Philippines

A cheap flight ticket, a comfy hotel, smooth transfers, tasty local foods, and a hassle-free tour, these are just some of the major elements that can make or break your whole vacation. But weren't you be missing out something?
When traveling, there are still some people who tend to overlook the weather of the destination they're going to – which you should not! It's just as important as the above-mentioned elements unless you include yourself to the population who intentionally travel during monsoon seasons.

And since the Philippines is known to be one of the all-year-round favorite destinations in Asia, planning a trip during this time of the year may be kinda hard but that's why we're here! We've curated below all the things that you should know when traveling during the Rainy season in the Philippines:

When is the rainy season in the Philippines?

What makes the Philippines an ideal go-to destination is that it only has two (2) major seasons that you must be prepared to. First is the Dry Season which is from December to May, the ideal months to go out in the sun, explore islands, and laze around the beach.

The second one is the Rainy Season which is from June to November. By this time of the year, only a few people tend to go out as they find traveling when raining a bit of a hassle. Also, cancellations become more often as the weather becomes unpredictable.

What are the advantages of rainy season travel?

As most people say, there's always a rainbow after the rain, but what if the weather is still uninviting? Then it's time to can create your own sunshine!
Yes, we do understand that traveling during the rainy season may be discouraging due to a lot of factors but the Philippines can be just as amazing as any other time of the year and here's why:

Discounted Rates
With fewer tourists traveling, the demand for accommodation also lessens. What most hotels and resorts, airlines, and even tour specialists do is provide discounts and special rates to draw in guests. Imagine, you can book a cheaper round trip airfare with the same price as the one way fare cost during the high season, cool isn't?

Lesser Crowd
As popular as it gets, more and more tourists flock various must-visit sites in the country and if you're a selfie-addict it's almost impossible to have that one great shot with hordes of people in the background. Luckily, when you're in the Philippines, rainy season means lesser crowds and more accommodation options! Oh, and if you don’t like sweaty stinky travel, this season is definitely for you.

A Different Perspective of the Scenery
Monsoons are not just about rains, it's appreciating the country's beauty from a different perspective. In fact, there are many places that are ideal to be visited when it's raining such as forests, caves, and even waterfalls which when washed, shift colors that's truly amazing!

What tips should you keep in mind during rainy season travel?

If you're still in the pursuit of venturing out in the Philippines in spite of the rainy weather, then let these tips be of help to you!
Know your local weather
Just like any places in the world, the Philippine weather is very unpredictable. One morning the sun's shining and then just before you know it, it's heavily raining in the afternoon.  Although some places here have lesser downpours, it's still not an excuse to ignore this factor. Make sure to keep yourself updated on weather reports so that you can avoid areas that are experiencing heavy rain or even flood!

Pack Smart
Refrain from bringing too many things when you travel during the rainy season, you don't want to carry too many things when you got caught up in the rain, right? Here are what you should put inside your bag first: an umbrella, a raincoat, waterproof shoes, water-resistant bag or a waterproof cover for it, a flashlight in case of any blackouts, a power bank for your gadgets and a mosquito repellent.

Aside from the essentials, you should also be mindful of your clothing. Wear lightweight clothes since these can easily be dried up. And if you'll be going out to the mountains, wear a good quality leggings that are still comfortable enough even when wet at the same time can protect you from the rough settings.

Prepare a Weather-Appropriate Itinerary
On the bright side, the Philippines have a handful of activities during the monsoon season that you can choose from!

Believe it or not, this is the best time to go out and explore various landscapes such as those from the Cordillera Region and the Chocolate Hills from Bohol. You can also chase waterfalls or even go for cave spelunking! Just make sure that you have a permit from the local government before pushing thru and a local guide to accompany you. But if you prefer indoor activities, you can opt for a visit to a museum or explore themed attractions!

Have a Staycation
With the cozy weather around, it's a great chance to spend quality time with your family and friends. And since this season also brings lots of great deals from various accommodations, why not stay there for a while right?

Aside from the comfortable rooms, staying in a hotel can get you pretty occupied because of their wide arrange of their facilities while waiting for the sun to come out. Laze around the swimming pool, have a rejuvenating spa, or enjoy a hearty meal with their restaurant. Remember, whether you're in the city or not, there’s no shame staying in especially if you're with your favorite people and it rains.

Prepare for any Travel Delays and Prioritize safety
Aside from getting wet, another thing that you should be prepared of is the travel delays which is why we suggested for you to have a flexible itinerary. We know that these kinds of situations require a lot of patience but your safety should always be the main priority!

May your travel be via air, water, or land, always check their status before leaving. Don't force yourself to go out and cut short travel plans if needed especially when there is a typhoon or if the weather is really displeasing. Lastly, don't forget to have travel insurance!
Don't let the monsoon season put a damper on your vacation! Take note of our tips, keep safe, and enjoy the rainy season. After all, it's all part of an exciting journey, right?

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