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Friday, May 24, 2019

MyPAL Wi-Fi: Philippine Airlines’ In-flight Entertainment

Whether you’ll be traveling with your family or friends, some flights are fairly mind-numbing, especially the long hauls ones. But consider yourself lucky if you'll be flying with Philippine Airlines (PAL), the only airline in the Philippines with a 4-star rating from Skytrax!
PAL had already set the bar high when it comes to flying along with world-class service as they offer various options to keep you entertained while flying thousands of feet above the ground.

One of their most-loved features is MyPAL Wi-Fi, Philippine Airlines' in-flight entertainment that'll surely keep you at ease all throughout your trip.

Never heard of it? Continue reading below to know more:

What is myPAL Wi-Fi?

It enables you to browse your social media accounts and surf the internet during your PAL flights. The first 30 minutes or 15 MB is free but if you wish to surf longer, you can avail various subscription plans depending on your desired usage. You can connect your smartphones, tablets, and even your laptops!

Here's how to connect your device:

1. First, switch your phone to airplane mode.

2. Go to Settings, enable your phone’s Wi-Fi and connect to the ‘myPAL’ hotspot.

3. Your browser will automatically display the log-in portal. If not, go to your browser then manually type in ‘’.

4. Go online and enjoy your first 30 minutes or first 15MB for FREE.

5. If you want to surf more, you can select your preferred internet price and pay with your credit card or buy a scratch card from a cabin crew on board. (For Business Class passengers, input the promo code from your scratch card, and enjoy additional 100MB of data.)

6. When registering for the service, remember to input a valid e-mail address to receive a summary of your internet purchase.

7. Then viola! You’re now connected and surf all you want!

There you have it! A quick step-by-step guide for you to fight boredom during your flight with the new entertainment add-on offered by PAL to its valued clients! Are you ready to connect?

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