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Saturday, May 11, 2019

How to Online Check-in via Philippine Airlines

Choosing which place to go to, grabbing promo flights, finding the right accommodation, and booking your tours can be stressful enough already but, nothing compares to when you're in a rush 'cause you need to catch your flight!
Aside from cancellations and re-bookings, one of every traveler's nightmares is being left by their flights. Your scheduled plans will now be changed and what's worse is that your vacation will also be postponed just because of that one traffic or you not being able to check-in because you're stuck in the long line of passengers in the check-in counter.

Lucky for those who booked their flights via Philippine Airlines, they offer Online Check-in and here's what you should know:

What is online check in?

It is a hassle-free online feature allowing passengers to confirm their presence, choose their preferred seat, check in luggage, and add meal options (if available) on a flight using the Internet before they can even arrive at the airport. 

They can check-in and print their own boarding pass using their own computer which will be also sent to their respective email address.

Is online check-in available for all Philippine Airlines flights?

Yes! Online check-in is available for all domestic, 2P operated flights, and as well as International flights except for the following:
  • From Xiamen (China)
  • From Jinjiang (China)
  • From Chengdu (China)
  • Incheon to Tagbilaran (Bohol) vice versa

Who can check in online?

All passengers can check-in as long as they hold a confirmed booking and a valid e-ticket EXCEPT:
  • Unaccompanied minors
  • Passengers who need medical or special assistance
  • Passengers with pending payment or refund for settlement
  • Groups of 16 or more passengers under one booking

It's also unavailable for myPAL Upgrade winning bidders which are required to proceed directly to the airport priority check-in counter where they will be checked-in and issued with their Business Class or Premium Economy boarding passes.

Can you use the online check-in even if you booked thru a travel agency?

Yes, as long as you booked thru any of the following:
  • PAL ticket office
  • Contact Center
  • Accredited Travel Agencies
  • PAL Official Website (

Begin check-in by choosing the following options:
  • Booking reference (e.g. Airline Booking Reference, Travel Agency Booking Reference) and Last Name
  • E-Ticket Number and Last Name
  • Frequent Flyer Number and Last Name

Passengers whose tickets were booked before our system upgrade last March 24, 2019 in all channels may check-in through their E-Ticket Number and Last Name.

How much time should I allot for check-in?

Online check-in is already available as early as:
  • For domestic flights – 1 hour before the scheduled departure time.
  • For international flights – 1 hour and 15 minutes before the scheduled departure time.

Make sure to do this before the cut-off time of the check-in counters or else, you cannot proceed with your flight even if you have a confirmed booking.

Can you reserve a Seat?

As mentioned earlier, yes, you can pre-select your specific seat reservation/request then print your boarding pass. However, if you wish to change your seat, simply go to PAL’s online check-in page, click the “Select/Change Seat” option, and select any available seat. Don't forget to re-print your boarding pass with the new seat assignment!

Take note also that Choice Seats such as Forward and Extra Legroom cannot be reserved during online check-in which can only be availed at the Online Check-in Bag Drop Counter when at the airport.

After you checked in online, what should you do next?

Online check-in does save you time at the airport however, you still need to be at the airport prior to the Philippine Airline's given deadline on your checking baggage and boarding the gate. At the airport Online Check-in Bag Drop Counter, you’ll have to present your online check-in boarding pass and valid travel documents or ID. If you purchased your ticket online, you may also be required to present the credit/debit card that you used.  

·         For International flights:
o   All passengers, with or without checked baggage must proceed to the Online Check-in Bag Drop Counter no later than 60 minutes prior the departure time for documents verification and acceptance of baggage EXCEPT:
§  Flights from Quanzhou (Jinjiang) which require no later than 45 minutes before departure. 
·         For Domestic flights:
o    With check-in baggage – to the Online Check-in Bag Drop Counter no later than 45 minutes before departure for documents verification and acceptance of baggage.
o    Without check-in baggage – to the boarding gate 15 minutes before departure. Documents will also be verified before boarding.

This online feature is indeed a great help especially for those passengers who want to skip the check-in queues at the airport. Just make sure that you will also make it on time to the counter or boarding gate as PAL reserves the right to offload passengers for failure to arrive at the Online Check-in Bag Drop Counter or boarding gate on time.

For more information, visit Philippine Airline’s website at
Or click here to Check-In Online:

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