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Thursday, May 23, 2019

From Lagoons to Beaches of El Nido

Aside from El Nido Tour C, another common and popular tour is the El Nido Tour A which comprises the best beaches and lagoons. In the past years,  it could be combined with tour C destinations hence you can enjoy both of both worlds, however,  with the implementation of the new El Nido Tour policy last January 2019,  the tourists are limited to visiting one tour package a day and as organized. 
I would love to show you all the best of Tour A but since we still did the Combi Tour A & C last year,  we only got to visit a few destinations from tour A.  So here are a few sites of what's best in El Nido Tour A:

If you're a new traveler to El Nido, you'll probably react to this, saying that this couldn't be combined, right?

Well, you're definitely right! Now with the new tour policy in El Nido, the Small & Big Lagoon is no longer allowed to be visited in a day but you could still choose which you do want to visit for an upgraded tour -- El Nido Tour A Premium.

These two lagoons are adjacent to each other separated by towering limestone karsts.  Both are accessible by a kayak which is available at the area for a rental fee of Php 300 (~$5) per unit good for 2 persons. 

As the name describes, Big Lagoon is a huge emerald water lagoon surrounded by limestone karts covered in greeneries. Upon arriving, we were greeted by long yet very shallow water with white sanded flooring so we were able to walk a bit before actually getting on the kayak.
I surely enjoy my kayaking activity at Big Lagoon,  it was really serene and green! It's so huge that there are areas to discover, like the mini lake-esque on one side and a cave on another side, you just have to let the guide you the way.  It surely has worn me out paddling just to get to all areas but it was definitely worth every paddle. 

Small Lagoon, on the other hand, is a smaller version of the Big Lagoon but with shallow crystal clear waters. It's accessible thru a teeny-tiny hole as if it was hiding this tiny beautiful cove. In here you'll get to experience going through narrow holes in the rocks and enjoy swimming in hidden sea caves.

We visited Big & Small Lagoon just around 4 PM so even if it was supposedly a hot afternoon, you wouldn't feel it since the surrounding makes the ambiance chill.

Our last stop to end a day of adventure is an afternoon chilling by the beach. Countless stories have been told as to where this beach got its name, but according to our guide, it was named as such because of the 7 Japanese soldiers who got stranded here during WWII.
7 Commando nowadays is popular for having a long stretch of cream sanded beach, lined-up palm trees, clear turquoise water, and a beach bar; all these by the side of a limestone rock formation.

It was indeed a perfect spot to spend my sunset with, I had a good time trying the beach bar's Buko Halo-halo and a swing under a bent tree that took me as high as if I could reach the sky and brought out the playful side of me.

It was just 15-minutes away from El Nido docking area since, technically speaking, if you check the map 7 Commando beach is just hidden behind the town. We stayed there for about an hour and before the dusk took over, we head back to town.

Another destination namely Secret Lagoon, Shimizu Island, and Entulalal Island are also included in the package. Though we didn't get to visit these sites, I heard they are amazing and worth visiting as the others.

To compare which El Nido tour is better, read El Nido Tour C here.

 © David Kim
Small Lagoon
Kayaking at Big Lagoon
Big Lagoon Entrance
7 Commando's Beach Swing
Docking at 7 Commandos Beach
Drinks hawker at the sea
Lunch by the beach

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