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Tuesday, March 26, 2019

The Hidden Majesty of Black Island

Palawan is popularly known for its natural wonders and numerous islands. Among these islands is Coron, a major municipality of Palawan that harbors the most exciting and pristine islands therein,  one of which is the alluring Black Island.
Black Island or locally known as Malajon Island is located northwest just offshore of Busuanga Island.  Its popular name was adapted from the islands menacing look. Being made out of a massive thousand of years limestone karts, the island looks dark in color from afar, hence Black Island. But in contrary to its color, the island has a blinding white sand beach and hides interesting spots, such as a cliff, caves, and shipwrecks just by its shoreline, for the adventurous ones.
We embark to our Black Island adventure right after our lunch at Buluang Fishpond Restaurant.

For private tours,  this is the usual lunch stop which is actually a good destination, not only because they serve the best Filipino favorites but this restaurant is nearby a beach with a docking area. Our private gateway to Black Island. Though the docking area is underdeveloped, there are only a few private outrigger boats and are docked far from the shoreline so we had to walk through a semi-swampy sea just to get to the boat.
Our boat ride was hailed with strong waves since its seawater is connected to the vast China Sea, so our boat captain had to stop every now and then. It took us about 30 minutes until we get to the beach which was already gleaming from afar!
It was low tide by the time we arrived so you could easily notice the shipwreck by the shoreline. During high tide,  you’ll have to dive deep just to get up close, but we are lucky to actually touch it without even swimming in. It’s so amazing how shallow the wreck was, Coron is also known for the many shipwreck dive site,  so being closer to one is already cool enough for me! 
Next thing we did was to play at the beach,  even the sun was so high up and strikingly hot. Of course, why would I miss the sand’s soft texture and the crystal clear azure water that is oh so inviting! As usual,  the wave current was too strong so  I had a hard time snorkeling around, but I only needed just enough effort because the vivid coral garden is almost along the shore. It’s like they were waiting for us to dive in! The coral garden was so vast that you’ll never notice that you’re already far from the beach. If it wasn’t dangerous on the other side,  we’d probably went there already.
Afterward, we rest in our cottage. There are a few ones for rent, huge enough to accommodate at least 10 people per cottage and restrooms for showering. And amazingly,  though far from the mainland, the phone reception at the island is outstanding!!  So millennials who can’t get off the phone won’t have to worry about losing a signal here
Just before we leave our guide invited us to check out the cave. Knowing where caves are usually located, we thought we’ll be going over strenuous activity just to get to the cave so we were hesitant but then he said that it’ll be just 5 mins walk. Curious where this was, we followed our guide just behind the cottages... there you'll find a cavern with two pool pockets of fresh water where you can cool off for a quick dip.
I would say, the Black Island is indeed one of a must go destination in Coron.    Our afternoon there may be quick but it seemed to last all day.  With only a few people to bother you, lazing around the beach and getting a quiet time is very easy.  I would’ve loved to stay but at around 3 pm we head out back to the mainland.

Watch Isla Story's afternoon at Black Island’s pristine white sand beach!


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