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Friday, March 15, 2019

Aqua Planet Tips, Tricks, and Watermazing Guide!

In case you missed it, we went up north to experience one of the talk-of-the-town parks in the Philippines, Aqua Planet!
This ten-hectare water theme park boasts a number of slides and attractions enough to leave you thrilled all throughout the day! There are water playgrounds for the kids and extreme slides for the adults, making it an ideal family getaway spot near Metro Manila.
And as much as we enjoyed our visit, we want you to have a blast too! So before splashing down, check out below some tips and tricks that you should know to have a watermazing experience at Aqua Planet:

As a modern waterpark, experience special features in Aqua Planet that you won't get in any other parks in the country! In here, each guest will be given waterproof wristbands also known as Planet bands, each embedded with RFID microchips. It will serve as your reloadable e-wallet to purchase foods, goods, and souvenirs inside the park which means there's no more worrying about having your money getting wet, right?
Upon arrival, you may load up your RFID wristbands at the Rental Counter. There are also kiosks machines in the area where you can simply re-load it so you won’t have to wait in line.
Can you refund the unused or left money from the wristbands? Yes, you may process your refund at the Rental counter as well. Take note that these RFID wristbands must be surrendered upon leaving the park and once lost or broken, the guest will be charged Php 300 per wristband.

We couldn't agree any better, Aqua Planet sure is an eye-candy! With various visually pleasing spots, wearing a cute swimwear will definitely make each photo Instagram worthy. But make sure that you wear a proper one, no rivets, buckles, and too exposed metals. Too revealing swimwears are also discouraged since it is a family-friendly park and we’re sure you don’t want any wardrobe malfunctions too.

Female: Swimsuit, Rashguard, swim leggings/shorts
Male: Swim trunks/board shorts, Rashguard
Bring: Change of clothes, toiletries (such as shampoo, conditioner, and bath soap), sunblock

 Just like the rules, each attraction has varying height and weight requirements. Since the waters at the Kiddie Zone can go up to 4 feet deep, children 4 feet and below must be supervised by an adult at all times. If they want go for a slide, they must be weighing not more than 200 lbs. What we suggest is that guests must follow a 1:1 adult-kid ratio. As for the adults, most of the rides require a minimum of 4 feet and a maximum of 6 feet 2 inches for the height while the weight must not be less than 88 lbs and not more than 198 lbs.
We've got to admit it, we're not all good swimmers and the fear of drowning really scares us but worrying is not an option here 'cause they provide floaters and life vests inside the park, free-of-charge!

Once you've step foot in Aqua Planet, there's no more turning back! With its ONE ENTRY- ONE EXIT POLICY, guests are not allowed to go outside the premises of the park unless they are already going to leave. All necessary items should not be left inside your vehicle and must be brought with you inside.

With your unlimited ride pass, trust us, you won’t get bored here!

Riding all sorts of slides for a day at Aqua Planet can really be tiring and eating a tasty meal can certainly re-charge your energy! However, guests are not allowed to bring outside foods and beverages especially the alcoholic ones. The only exemption in here is the food for the infant or guest with a medical condition.
What to eat inside? They have food outlets that serve budget-friendly meals that you may avail using your RFID wristbands/ Planet bands. You can choose between a hearty rice meal, mouthwatering pizza, irresistible fries, or a savory maki. They also have milkshakes and ice creams with various flavors ready to spare you from the summer heat! Oh, and make sure to try their Angus burger, it’s one of our favorites!

All around the park, you can find several available sun lounges, tables, and chairs available for all the guests for free. Therefore, bringing your own tent, foldable chairs, and umbrellas are unnecessary. Need somewhere to keep your valuables? Rent out their spacious lockers that can hold up to three bags!
For big groups, most guests opt to rent out a cabana which provides more private space. Each cabana has comfy chairs and equipped with a secured volt used to store valuable items.

Even though Aqua Planet has One Entry- One Exit Policy and you happen to forget to bring something, Bubble Shop got you covered. In here, you can find various swimming necessities such a swimwears, bath towels, and basic toiletries.

And if you're looking for a cute token to take home, better shop 'till you drop at Aqua Market, your one-stop souvenir shop!

Well, we also understand if you want to cover your whole Aqua Planet experience, unfortunately, cellphones and cameras of any kind are not allowed during water rides. Same goes with drones or any flying devices. It's for the safety of all the guests.
Just leave it to the in-house photographers, wandering around taking cool photos of yours that you may claim in their photo booths!

Just like every park in the country, there some things are prohibited inside Aqua Planet such as sharp objects, guns, breakable glass materials, and explosives devices. Toy guns or any type of toy that may cause discomfort and harm to other guests are also not allowed same goes with smoking of cigarettes, electronic cigarettes, or any tobacco-related products. Better not bring any wheeled items like bikes, scooters, or trolleys except for wheelchairs for PWD and strollers for the infants.

Can you bring your pet inside? We're sad to say this, but no, pets are not allowed inside unless they are certified service animals.

Lastly, when using the slide, eyeglasses, any type of jewelry, footwear, cellphones, selfie stick, and action cameras are strictly discouraged.

With over 38 attractions having a great tactic that can help you out in making your Aqua Planet trip more worth it is what you need. So grab your pen and paper, take notes, and hear us out!

First, tick off all the extreme rides on your list before the chill ones 'cause there are days, especially the weekend, these rides usually have long lines. Plus, once you've conquered your fear in here, you'll see yourself sliding down in each ride all over again!

You can take the mellow rides in between the extreme rides just to catch a few breaths or maybe grab some fries by the food outlets…just tap your Planet band. 

Then once you've had enough adrenaline rush (which is impossible here), you can just chill on the mellow rides like the Wave River or roam around the park to take some Instagram-worthy snaps.

Since we believe that every day should not be mundane, step outside and beat the tropical heat at Aqua Planet! Get your Drop and Splash pass for the adults (guests 48 inches and above) and Slide and Soak pass for the kids (guests below 48 inches)! Rates also differ during weekends and weekdays. 

How to book your tickets? Simply click this link: Aqua Planet Wholeday Pass

For group bookings, send us an email at or give us a call at +63 (2) 651-9000.

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Click here to watch our Aqua Planet Experience: 

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