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Tuesday, March 12, 2019

365-days of Aqua-dventure Experience at Aqua Planet

Since summertime is fast approaching, everyone is now on a hunt for the coolest destination. Some would go big and spend their vacation flying to islands, while others would prefer to be simple and rather go the nearby destination. But for sure, no summer vacation is complete without chilling by the beach or having fun at water parks!
Every vacation, we always look forward to something to explore, new things to try, and unforgettable memories to create. Be it a family outing or a get-together trip with friends, your utmost enjoyment is what matters. So, why not try the biggest water theme park in the Philippines!
We’ll lessen your worries and give you inputs when you visit one of the hottest summer destinations for all ages!

What is Aqua Planet?
Aqua Planet is a 10-hectare adventure and leisure water theme park boasting with 38 colorful and thrilling slides and attractions. It is the biggest and most modern water park in the Philippines conveniently located at Clark Freeport Zone. Open from 9 AM to 5 PM, they can cater up to 3, 500 guests in a day!
They also feature a cashless experience wherein guests will be provided with waterproof wristbands embedded with RFID microchips called Planet Bands. These wristbands will serve as your reloadable e-wallet to purchase food and merchandise items inside the park. No need to worry about having your money getting wet right?
Talk about safety, all attractions here are safe and harmless as safety is their top priority. Before proceeding with the attraction, a short briefing is conducted by the lifeguards to make sure that guests are well informed about the rules and regulations. There are also numerous lifeguards that can be easily sought out around the area in case someone needs help, all professionally trained with basic emergency aid.

Getting to Aquaplanet
The park is easily accessible via land transfer; in fact, it is just a twelve minute drive from Clark International Airport (CRK) and two hour drive from Manila via North Luzon Expressway (NLEX) and Subic-Clark-Tarlac Expressway (SCTEX).

Public Transportation
From Cubao/ Pasay terminal hop on a Victory Liner bus bound to Dau Mabalacat, Pampanga bus terminal. Then take a jeepney going to SM Clark or directly to Bayanihan Terminal.  From there, ride the blue jeepneys heading to Aqua Planet or just take a Grab from Dau Terminal instead.

Another alternative way is to take a P2P bus operated by Genesis Transport.  From Trinoma, hop on a P2P bus bound to SM Clark then walk towards Bayanihan Terminal. From there, ride the blue jeep heading to Aqua Planet. The total fare ranges from PHP 300-350 and the travel time will vary depending on the traffic.

Private Transportation
Why not we just take you there, right? Let our friendly drivers ease your worries. Book your private transfers here: Rent-a-van from Manila | Rent-a-van from Clark

Rides, Slides, and Watermazing times!
Before packing up your swimsuits and putting on tons of sunblock, get to know Aqua Planet’s slides for a watermazing experience! 

Let the kids get wet and wild with their imagination at the Kiddie zone’s water playgrounds!

Mermaid’s Bay: It features adorable slides and various types of sprinklers such as vibrant flowers, mushrooms, and small turtles. Though the water here is up to 4 inches only, kids below 4 feet must still be accompanied by an adult.

Orc Lagoon: Explore Aqua Planet’s resident Orc’s playground! Kids will surely enjoy here as it has water canons, rope courses, and a giant water bucket giving out huge splashes every time it turns upside down! Adults are welcome to take Instagrammable photos, but remember this is a kid zone only! Let them have some fun!

Bubble Base: Think your kid can conquer some waves? Then take them to Bubble base, the very first kiddie wave pool in the country offering three various waves that they’ll surely enjoy!  
Water depth: 0 – 4 feet
Type of floater: Life Vests
Restrictions: Children must be accompanied by adults at all times

Aqua Planet not only brings fun closer to the metro but also the ocean.  The Wave Pool is a 3500-sqm pool in front of a large LED TV where on some weekends there’s a DJ playing cool tracks on the background. The fun part of this pool is when it generates gigantic waves resembling those of the oceans’.

Min height requirement: 4 ft (Children must be accompanied by adults)
Water depth: 0 – 6 ft

Ride waves like a pro at Boogie Bay! This 1500-sqm deep wave pool generates more intense currents than those at the Wave Pool. Grab your knee board and just like the name itself, do the boogie with the waves!

Min height requirement: 4 ft (Children must be accompanied by adults)
Water depth: 0 – 8 ft

You couldn't blame us if this is one of our favorites. The six vibrant looped slides of Octopus Racers both aesthetically pleasing and thrilling! So if you feel like beating your family or friends in a race, then this is your go-to ride. Just pick a color, lay down on your belly on a mat floater, then feel all the adrenaline rush as you glide down!

Number of riders: 1 Person
Min and Max height: 4 ft – 6 ft 2 in
Min and Max weight: 88 lbs – 198 lbs
Type of floater: Racer Mat

If you want more loops, then try out the Spiral Slides. It has four vibrant tubes with varying twists and turns before ending with a big splash below. Experience this ride together with your best mate as you hop on a double floater!

Number of riders: 2 Persons
Min and Max height: 4 ft – 6 ft 2 in
Min and Max weight: 88 lbs – 198 lbs

And if Spiral Slides didn't meet your expectations, then it’s time to try the Hurricane! It may also have 4 different slide routes but its loops are more extreme. One can even make you go loco with the lights spectacle. So pick a color and get ready to experience these twisty rides!

Number of riders: 2 Persons
Min and Max height: 4 ft – 6 ft 2 in
Min and Max weight: 88 lbs – 198 lbs

For the water-board enthusiasts and surfer wannabes out there, it's time to show off your skills at this little playground called Flow Rider. This surfing attraction imitates ocean waves while riders will have to maneuver a body board or kneeboard. It may be tricky at first, but when you get the hang of it, you'll definitely see yourself doing some tricks and turns with ease!

Number of riders: 1 Person
Min height: 42 in
Max weight: 250 lbs
Type of floater: Flow board

Need to catch your breath from all the thrilling rides? Then just go with the flow at Wave River. As you hop on a single floater, let the current take you to a relaxing cruise in this 412-meter river that traverses around the whole park. It's the perfect way to view all attractions in one single raft ride!

Number of riders: 1 Person
Height requirement: 4 ft – 6 ft 2 in
Water depth: 0 – 3 ft 7 in

Reach for the sky in the steepest attraction on the planet! Sky Shuttle is one of the many heart-stopping rides that you shouldn't miss. In here, four persons will board a raft ride that'll shoot high up in the vertical slide. The fun here continues as you slide back down, leaving you screaming for your life!

Number of riders: 4 Persons
Min and Max height: 4 ft – 6 ft 2 in
Min and Max weight: 88 lbs – 198 lbs

Another extreme ride for you and three other friends to try is the Super Bowl. Being true to its name, it is a large bowl-like slide where four persons will slide down, spin around multiple times, and then end in a big splash! Make sure to whirl three times before sliding down, alright?

Number of riders: 4 Persons
Min and Max height: 4 ft – 6 ft 2 in
Min and Max weight: 88 lbs – 198 lbs

If the other rides don't give you enough chills yet, then it’s time for you to try Tornado! This giant tilting funnel will make you scream out loud as you whirl high up in the air. No need to be a bit scardey cat here 'cause you get to experience this together with three of your friends.

Number of riders: 4 Persons
Min and Max height: 4 ft – 6 ft 2 in
Min and Max weight: 88 lbs – 198 lbs

And lastly, the ride for the bravest, Aqua Loop! Seeing this towering slide from a distant already scared us but that doesn't mean we will not give it a try. From the top, this ride will need you to be in a standing position then launch flap below your feet with snap open where you will slide down in a 100-meter free-fall and turn in a 360-degree loop! Did we lose you there? Better not 'cause this ride is the cherry on top of your whole Aqua Planet experience!

Number of riders: 1 Person
Min and Max height: 5 ft – 6 ft 2 in
Min and Max weight: 100 lbs – 198 lbs

Overall, Aqua Planet will not only bring you excitement but also an intimate quality time with your family and friends. Since it’s located in one of the booming tourism area in Central Luzon, lots of optional transfers are emerging which means, it is getting more accessible. It’ll not take too long until this water theme park will be one of the top weekend getaway spots in the country! 
Since we believe that every day should not be mundane, step outside and beat the tropical heat at Aqua Planet! Get your Drop and Splash pass for the adults (guests 48 inches and above) and Slide and Soak pass for the kids (guests below 48 inches)! Rates also differ during weekends and weekdays. 

How to book your tickets? Simply click this link: Aqua Planet Wholeday Pass

For group bookings, send us an email at aquaplanet@raksoair.com or give us a call at +63 (2) 651-9000.

Oh! And we’d love to give you some tips and tricks so, you better check out our blog here: AQUA PLANET TIPS, TRICKS, AND WATERMAZING GUIDE!

Did we miss something? Share us your thoughts by commenting below or send us an email at tours.ph@raksotravel.comIf you'd rather talk to one of our travel representatives call us at +63 (2) 651-9000.

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