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Wednesday, December 5, 2018

The Other Side of BOHOL for the Adventure Seekers

Probably, this isn’t your first time in Bohol, right? Looking for something different than the typical touristy destinations is quite difficult when you’re not familiar with the place. Some would prefer to be spontaneous and discover a destination on their own,  but others may find this inconvenient and prefers to get the locals insights. Which is better, ‘cause you’ll be sure of where to go and won’t waste time.
So if you’re one of the many who needed a good advice or insights, then here’s a special itinerary for you adventure-seekers. But if this is your first time in Bohol, then you might want to consider covering the basic so read our First Timer’s Itinerary first.

Getting to Bohol
There are two (2) ways of getting to Bohol:

Located at the capital city, Tagbilaran Airport (TAG) is a Principal Class 1 airport currently serving all domestic flights to Bohol. However, the airport is targeted to close beginning of 2019, being replaced by Panglao Island International Airport to cater to the direct international flights. 
Travel time to Tagbilaran from Manila (MNL) takes 1 hour and 30 minutes fly time with over eight (8) flights daily. And to maximize your time, we recommended flying with Philippines Airlines (PAL) with flight details:
VIA PAL MNL-TAG 0845H – 1000H
VIA PAL TAG-MNL 1635H – 1730H
Especially for the international flight, PALs timings is just right for connecting flights with enough free time to rest upon arrival and prior to departure. And if you're into inter-island adventure, Tagbilaran Airport is accessible with direct flights from Davao and Clark via Philippine Airlines.

Check the flight availability here: RAKSO TRAVEL AIRLINE TICKET RESERVATION

Bohol Island can also be accessed via fastcraft coming from Cebu. With only 2 hours of travel time, Cebu & Bohol has become a twin-city destination for those travelers who wanted to experience the best of both cities.
We recommend taking Oceanjet with timings:
VIA OCEANJET  CEB-TAG 0920H – 1120H | 1040H – 1240H
VIA OCEANJET  TAG-CEB 1400H – 1600H | 1520H – 1720H
Oceanjet offers a hassle-free, smooth, and comfortable travel to and from Tagbilaran to make it in time for check-ins and spend the rest of your time lounging.

Click on below seat class and start booking your OCEANJET FERRY TICKETS

Recommended Hotel
Here are our suggested hotels or resort to stay in to match your style.
Backpackers:      Moon’s Fools Hostels
Couple:                 Bohol Beach Club
Deluxe Budget:   Momo Beach Resort

For more details, check this link: 8 RECOMMENDED RESORT TO STAY IN BOHOL

Travel Itinerary

Day 1 
Upon arriving, get one of our transport service representatives to pick you up from the Airport or Seaport. You'll be transferred to your preferred resort/hotel for check-in. Afterward, feel free to enjoy your time resting at the comforts of your hotel room, or strolling by Alona Beach, perhaps you’d want or start taking on an adventure -- gear up and glide with the birds as you fly high on a Parasail. 
If you arrive early in the morning, then better yet discover what Panglao Island has to offer first and make sure to check the hinagdanan cave!

Day 2 
Within Panglao Island alone there are a few adventure spots already, but we know you’re not looking for someplace that is overrated and typical. So we came prepared.  Bohol’s countryside has so much more to offer and speaking of which, we’re pretty sure our Anda Day Tour will let you seek out a different side of Bohol
The municipality of Anda just 3 hours drives from Tagbilaran City. An early morning drive through the countryside will be worth it once you get to tour the natural wonders with a glimpse of limestone rock formations, cave pools, and secluded white beaches.  
A visit to Lamanok Island alone is already filled with various activities. There’s kayaking, trekking, a secluded white sand beach for you to chill at, and caves that locals say are bounded with stories of enchanting nature spirits, mystical creatures, and historic legends.  
Another destination that pretty sure will keep Anda on the map is the Cabognaw Cave. This cave has been making its wave on social media because of its looks, but the thrill it gives once you try jumping on a cave pool. You read it right! This is an actually a cave pool that goes who knows how deep and is right on the surface in the middle of the forest. You’ll probably miss this at night and accidentally fall in it, but at daylight, this hole is amazingly beautiful and inviting!
30-minutes away from Lamanoc Island spend your afternoon in Anda de Boracay's white-sand beaches tantamount to the beach white sand beaches of Boracay or even more. Here you'll enjoy a quick dip and a barbeque lunch with the best view of the beach haven.

Day 3 
For your third day, you can choose between two different adventure.
We’ve got you an underwater adventure with a Diving Package within Bohol's best of the best dives site. Discovery Scuba Diving is for beginners but if you wanted more of the underwater, then we’ll give you a sign-up form and go right ahead, dive deeper! This is usually for pro-divers that requires a license, however, training sesh is also available so maybe that would a good start.
Or if you’re not a pro-diver and prefers outdoorsy ones, then E.A.T Danao Adventure Park is right for you!  Located on the other side of Chocolate Hills Park, this extreme adventure park will give you options of various outdoorsy fares such as ATV, trekking, rappelling, caving and bouldering down the Wahig River.
Wanted your adrenaline to reach its maximum level? Then try all the activities leaving the best for last -- The Plunge”.  Take on a high cliff swing and take the exciting plunge that will take at least 5 minutes of you swinging and hanging on the edge of a cliff.  Pretty much a sureway activity to end the day and kick-in adrenaline, but is definitely not for the faint-hearted.
Whichever you choose, surely, it’s an adventure that’s worth every adrenaline rush!

Day 4 
The last day would be a day on your own, so feel free to roam around Tagbilaran City or Panglao Island. Do a little souvenir shopping to take home a piece of Bohol crafts and delicacies or maybe just stay-in and calm your adventure nerves before your flight. Just don't forget to check-out and get to the airport on time so you won't miss your flight.
If you are leaving in the afternoon, bid farewell to Bohol with a taste of the all-time Filipino favorites and comfort foods at Gerarda’s Family.

How’s that for adventure? Exciting right? Why not we let you decide, take our advice and create your adventure stories to share with your friends, family, and whomever.

Check out other Bohol activities, watch this video:

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