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Thursday, November 29, 2018

6 Taste of Bohol You Shoudn't Miss

This millennial age, traveling had become extremely prominent that even restaurants have become a tourist destination. Restaurants these days pops-up here & there with a dining experience that are either offering a cool unique vibe or dishes of exotic and best local cuisine.
Most of us travel for the experience, some aim for adventure, while others travel for food.  Well, essentially dining will always be a part of our travel experience. I mean, we do need to eat.  For some tours or activity, meals are already inclusive so we wouldn't need to worry about that. But the rest of our leisure time we need to find somewhere to eat, right? And that's when the struggle starts…

It's hard to find a good restaurant when you're new at a place, don't you agree?  So, to narrow down your options, we listed our top 6 favorite restaurants in Bohol for your pleasurable and gustatory experience. 

 6 .

Type:  Italian | A la Carte
Hours: 11 AM to 11 PM daily
Must Taste: Tortino Di Cioccolato, Pizza Romana, Wine, Osso Bucco,  Lasagna de Carne, Caffe' Late, Porcini E Pancetta

If you're craving for pizza or Italian cuisine per se, Giuseppe Pizzeria is one of the best there is on the island of Bohol and that's Chef Giuseppe pride and glory.
Offering vegetarian, hot pizzas, and seafood & meat dishes also known as Sicilian food, be eager to try their best dishes from the wood-fired brick oven pizzas, antipasti, up to the Italian desserts that are truly addictive, world-class, and worth every penny spent.

Make sure not to leave without checking out their Deli Shop loaded with wines, cheese, pasta, and bottled goods from Italy. So don't settle for the rip-off pizza,  go for the authentic Italian and Sicilian foods while in Bohol!

 5 .

Type:  Filipino | A la Carte
Hours: 8 AM to 2 PM & 5 to 10 PM daily
Must Taste: Gerarda’s Dinakdakan, Crispy Tadyang, Seafood, Beef Kare-kare

If you're just waiting for your flight and looking for the closest restaurants, then what you're looking for is Gerarda's Family Restaurant. Located at the City Center of Tagbilaran, get a taste of love from the Filipino home-cooked dishes Gerarda's Restaurant has to offer.
With its interior adorned by antiques, ethnic furniture, and polished wooden floors, the homey ambiance of the place itself is already something to look out for.  This family-owned restaurant is your safe haven, serving authentic home-cooked Filipino food that promises to make every cent spent worth every bite, satisfying not only the local tourists but as well as foreign ones craving good Filipino food.

 4 .

Type: Modern European | A la Carte
Hours: 7 AM to 10 PM daily
Must Taste: Grilled Tomahawk Steak, Asian 9 Treasures Salad, Smoked Kingfish Carpaccio, Seafood Curry, Baby Back Ribs, Asian 9 Treasures Salad
Another seaview go-to restaurant while in Bohol. Tarsier Paprika is located on the water's edge with panoramic views of the Bohol Sea, may it be indoors or al fresco veranda.
For your insatiable fine-dining experience hankerings, this in-house restaurant is the best place for travelers like you to indulge in a menu that offers a taste of the world, from their light appetizer like Kingfish Carpaccio to a 1.7kg grilled Tomahawk Steak which can feed up to 4 persons!
A dreamy sea view with mouth-watering foods, we couldn’t think of any greater combination than that!

 3 .

Type: Filipino | Buffet
Hours: 11 AM to 2 PM daily
Must Taste: Filipino Dishes

 Usually, Loboc floating restaurant is a part of the Choco Countryside Tour, but if you're still craving for another round of Filipino Cuisine while cruising the Loboc river then go right ahead and book your lunch tour. 
Loboc River Cruise Floating Restaurant offers a buffet of the cuisine of the all-time Filipino favorites with a short cultural show by the local community as you dine. Cruising calmly in the emerald waters of Loboc, you'll not only enjoy the feast, but you'll also love nature.
Nonetheless, feel like a local while indulging the best of Bohol!

 2 .

Type: Continental and Filipino | A la Carte/Buffet
Hours: 3AM to 10PM daily
Must Taste:  Kare-Kare, Chicken Binakol, Pumpkin Soup, Turon

Located at the Amorita Resort atop a hill,  your dining experience will be extra special with a scenic view of Bohol Sea in every bite. Inspired by the specialties of Bohol they offer various cuisines from Filipino,  Seafood, and a fusion of a few international cuisines. 
Their sleek but cozy interiors will entice you to come in which is enough reasons to make an Instagrammer stay. While their all-day menu will lure you to taste more of Boholano heritage cuisine alongside a wide range of Continental and Filipino food favorites, signature cocktails, selection of wines, and gourmet beverages.
So when in Bohol make sure to eat your heart out with one of the best restaurants there is!

 1 .

Type: Organic Filipino | A la Carte
Hours: 5 AM to 10 PM daily
Must Taste: Organic Home-made Ice Cream (Spicy-Ginger or Rhum Coco), Spicy Eggplant, Boholano Platter, Seafood Pizza, Farm Garden Salad
For the avid fans of organic foods, Bohol Bee Farm is the best restaurant for you! The serene and relaxing ambiance of Bohol Bee Farm restaurant aims to contribute to society by offering farm tours to the visitors. On the other hand, Buzz Cafe will give you a chill vibe by the beach. But both are equally outfitted to serve you a range of fresh, organic, and unique dishes from the farm to your table prepared by the Owner/Chef Vicky Wallace herself.
For the best Bee Farm experience, of course, it's at their main restaurant which is located at Panglao Island, but they're currently expanding nationwide to cater to both their local & foreign patrons who can't get enough of Bee Farm's dishes. Making it easier for us to get a taste of their organic menu, anytime we'd miss it!
So if you want a filling, delicious and healthy meal, don't think twice;  Unwind,  relax,  and relish on organically grown vegetables at Bohol Bee Farm.

Did we give you a good option? Or does it just made you hungry? ‘Cause we sure are hungry for a taste of Bohol’s pride cuisine.

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