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Wednesday, November 7, 2018

6 Tours You’d Want to Explore while in Bohol

To make your travel choices much easier, we took the liberty of listing the most popular tours in Bohol that you would definitely want to try because we know picking out which tour is a bit bothersome. We too get troubled which tour should be suggested when there is so much to choose from yet so little time plus some of us have specific preferences. 

Whether you're into the plain ol' simple sightseeing tour,  an adventure seeker,  or little sports on the sides, here are our top 6 recommended tour and activities in Bohol you could choose from depending on your preference.


Culture: Low
Physicality: Low
Schedule: Daily | 2-3 hours
Pick up time: 5:30 PM | 6:30 PM | 7:30 PM
What to wear: Slippers/sandals, long sleeved top or jackets, Pair of shorts
What to bring:  Extra change of clothes, mosquito repellant, dry bag, extra cash, Camera

What to expect?
Who says there's nothing much to see at night? Imagine meandering in the river at still night when suddenly fireflies from afar start to glisten... dreamy right?
 This tour will take you cruising at the Abatan River on board a bandong boat to observe fireflies amidst mangrove forest. Get to watch thousand of nocturnal beetles twinkle in the night, you can even try to catch one if you can! It is usually as musing on a full moon night as the moon helps light the way for an easier cruise. And with the cold breeze hugging you, it felt like the night of Christmas and you're looking at a Christmas tree with beautiful flickering lights decoration.

Don't forget to wear a mosquito repellant so those other insects won't bother your quiet night. If you want a photo of the fireflies, better bring your best night camera. Or forget about getting pictures and just be contented by watching them fly. 
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Pick up time: 4:30 PM pick up time

If you want more action to your sightseeing tour we suggest you pack a change of clothes (just in case), head out early, and add Kayaking on your activity. Take control and enjoy your serene Abatan river ride through the mangrove forest as the sun sets and the fireflies start to shine your way.


Culture:  Mid
Physicality:  Mid
Schedule:  Daily | 4-6 hours
Pick up time:  8:00-8:30 AM | 1:00 PM
What to wear: Slippers/Sandals/Aqua shoes, Shorts & Shirt, Swimwear
What to bring: Change of clothes, Light towel, toiletries, Extra cash, Drybag,  Camera 

What to expect?
You could either choose between a half-day tour or enjoy a day in around Panglao to the fullest. Panglao Island Tour is just like a city tour but with a little escapade on the sides. On the cultural aspect, you'll be visiting Dauis Church & Wishing Well and standing on the southwestern side of Panglao Island is the church of St. Agustin. Both are very well known in Panglao Island being one of the few standing landmarks of Spain’s occupation.
If you're missing the sea life, the one-of-a-kind Shell Museum is for you! With more than a hundred varieties of seashells to see, you'll be amazed by the diversity of this museum. A must stop-over for the nature lovers!
And speaking of a nature lover, Bohol Bee Farm is also a destination one must definitely visit, not just by nature lover but ALL!  This cozy restaurant will give you a homey vibe as you indulge in its home-grown and organic menus. But if you prefer a seaside dining and a dip at the sea, we'll take you to Alona Kew White Beach Resort for your lunch. You'll love both the resorts delectable Filipino cuisine and the wide white sand beach front where you'll enjoy bathing with your family and friends.
 For your adventure, the Hinagdanan Cave is a must visit! So take a peek of this naturally lighted cavern, take a dip in the deep lagoon, and expect a cold swim with a view of a ceiling adorned by large stalactites and stalagmites.

Wanted more thrill? Then add a 15-minutes parasailing ride through the Bohol Sea. Glide with the birds as you fly high and enjoy the scenic view of Panglao Island on a different angle.

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Culture:  Mid
Physicality: Mid
Schedule: Daily | 8 hours
Pick up time: 6:00 AM
What to wear: Slippers/Sandals/Aqua shoes, Shorts & Shirt, Swimwear
What to bring: Change of clothes, Light towel, toiletries, Extra cash,  Drybag,  Camera 

What to expect?
For our returning guests who wanted to see the different side of Bohol, we offer you the Anda Tour at Lamanoc Island. The municipality of Anda is just 3 hours away from Tagbilaran City. It's making its wave on social media targeting the adventure seekers as it offers inland and water adventure such as the Cabognow Cave, Combento Cave, Lamanok Island, among others.  
In this tour, we'll give you a taste of Anda's natural wonders and cultural features. First of is the Lamanok Island where a glimpse of limestone rock formations, caves, and secluded white beaches can be found.  You're on for an island visit filled with stories of enchanting nature spirits, mystical creatures, historic legends, and cultural experience with the locals.
30-minutes away from Lamanoc Island spend your afternoon in Anda de Boracay's white-sand beaches tantamount to the beach white sand beaches of Boracay or even more! 
You'll enjoy a quick dip and a barbeque lunch with the best view of the beach haven. End your day at a quick stop at Jagna Calamay Industry to take home a taste of the sweet Kalamay products of Jagna and a tour of the Bohol's past at the Clarin Ancestral House, a heritage site Filipino-Spanish designed ancestral house with a maintain authentic structures.
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Culture: Low
Physicality: Low
Schedule: Daily | 6 hours
Pick up time: 1:00 PM
What to wear: Comfortable shoes, shorts or pants, shirts
What to bring:  Extra cash, light bag, water, Camera or action camera, light snacks

What to expect?
What's more extraordinary way of checking out the Chocolate Hills and all of Bohol Island than on a hot air balloon? You don't need to splurge on an expensive trip to Europe just to try a hot air balloon because this tour is as good as Europes's but at a cheaper price! 
Get to experience a thrilling 45-minute hot air balloon flight directly in the Chocolate Hills; the sky is your limit. This is your perfect tour if you are with your family or even as couples, especially if you're planning to pop a very important question... if you know what we mean. ;)

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Culture: Low
Physicality: Mid
Schedule:  Daily | 8-10 hours
Pick up time: 5:30-6:00 AM
What to wear: Swimwear, Rashguards, Sunblock
What to bring:  Personal snorkeling gear (if available), Change of clothes, Dry bag, Extra Cash, Action camera

What to expect?
We know the tour's a bit early for you; especially you're on your vacation. If you wanted a higher chance of encountering a few friendly dolphins, you have to be a bit understanding of these animals. It takes about an hour of a boat ride to get to their natural playground and they usually come out in the morning so if you don't want to miss it better wake up early than sorry. 
Don't worry the long ride is worth it when you already see playful dolphins freely swimming around your boat. You'll be lucky if you spot a pod playing with each other and doing little somersaults. Afterward, we'll take you the small island of Balicasag located off the coast of Panglao, this is one of the famous islands in Bohol especially for diver because of its coral reef abundant with colorful fishes and even sea turtles from time to time. 
Though you don't need to be a diver to enjoy the reefs, a marine sanctuary is close by for you to snorkel around. When you're done, savor in a seafood lunch by the beach to fill your tummy.
An island that looks like a tadpole when viewed from above, Virgin Island is locally known as Pontod Island, a white sanded island jewel of Bohol. Its tadpole tail is a vast white sand sandbar where you can spend a serene afternoon strolling, beach bumming, and little dip. Also, don't forget to get a taste of freshly caught exotic seafood, like sea urchin and abalone. Just talk to the local vendors and they'll get it ready for you.

Click this link to start booking your DOLPHIN WATCHING & ISLAND HOPPING TOUR

If you're a diving enthusiast or professional ones who wanted to wander in the seafloor,  adding a discovery scuba diving activity is a good selection. Bohol prides with a few diving sites and is considered one of the best in the Philippines, that's why there are numerous dive shops within Alona beach alone. 
For about 30-minutes, you'll be diving in the most popular Balicasag Island amidst vigorous coral and healthy reefs with a teeming reef life.  Of course, we have PADI Accredited divers who'll be assisting you on your underwater encounter in the small island of Balicasag.
 Click this link to start booking your DISCOVERY SCUBA DIVING


Culture: Low
Physicality: Mid
Schedule: Daily | 8 hours
Pick up time: 8:00 AM
What to wear: Rubber shoes or comfortable walking sandals, shorts or pants, shirts
What to bring:  Extra cash, light bag, water, Camera or action camera

What to expect?
Saving the best for last is, of course, the number 1 pick of everyone! It's none other done the Choco Countryside Tour.  Evident to its name, this tour will take you to Bohol's pride eco-tourism sites with the world-famous Chocolate Hills as the main highlight. Well, this may seem a cliché but... you've never been to Bohol if you haven't been to the Chocolate Hills! Am I right? So for first-timers, don't think further, this tour is a must try activity. 
Plus this is the perfect activity where both kids and adults will definitely enjoy! As an eco-tourism activity, you’ll also visit a few sites that made Bohol even popular to travelers of locals and foreigners alike. 
One of which is the Loboc River where you'll cruise and dine a delightful Filipino cuisine while being serenaded by local performers. The Bilar Man-made Mahogany Forest is not your typical forest because you'll be in love with the serene vibe that felt like fall season is in the air. 
For the kids who love animals spend time at the Python Sanctuary for a close encounter of the largest reptile, be surrounded with fluttering colorful butterflies at the garden of Butterly Sanctuary, and the ever famous, a peek of the adorable smallest primate at the Tarsier Conservation Area. Don't skip the quick visit to Blood Compact Site, Baclayon Church, and gift shop.

Click this link to start booking your CHOCO COUNTRYSIDE TOUR

To spice up your Bohol experience, add an optional adrenaline pumping activity. However, due to the limited time, you can only choose one activity, so choose wisely. To help you pick out what best for you, here's a little preview.

 If you're into checking a few Chocolate Hills closely, then get ready to drive an all-terrain-vehicle (ATV). You'll be driving on a paved pathway course to the observation area where you'll get to freely drive around. You have an option of 30-minutes or an hour of drive, but both will give you the satisfaction of adrenaline rush especially if it’s a little friendly race with your friends or siblings.
Ain't afraid of heights? Then buckle up and get ready for an amazing view of Loboc River on a different angle. Get to enjoy a two-way superman zip line crossing over Loboc River. The zip line is 520 meters long and with an exhilarating height of 100-120 meters high!  That means this activity will give you 40-50 seconds of scenic forest, river, and waterfalls view from above. Sounds interesting enough? Why not just try it yourself!
So did we make your options easier? These are just a few of Bohol's best, there are a few more natural sites and attractions that we know you'd love to venture into as well. No worries, we'd love to help you create your own story your way. 

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