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Thursday, December 27, 2018

Countdown to 2019: Celebrate New Year's Eve the Filipino Way!

Aside from the longest celebration of the Christmas Season, Filipinos also have their own ways to perk up during New Year’s Eve.
Bearing some of the Chinese influences, various traditions such as lighting fireworks and making a lot of noise to drive away evil spirits are being practiced by most of them in the belief to avoid bad luck and prosper in the upcoming year. Staying awake until midnight is also common, and seems like a tradition not just in the Philippines but also in the whole world. Who would even want miss grand fireworks displays, right?

Check out below various ways to celebrate New Year’s Eve with a bang! Cause believe us, when you’re in the Philippines, there’s no shortage of what you can do to welcome the coming New Year in style!

If you happen to be in the big city, don’t care about large fireworks displays, looking to celebrate with a few alcoholic beverages in tow, and considers having an unforgettable night of your life, well then, getting into the night scene is what you should do!

New Year’s Eve in the city particularly in Manila is going to be an exquisite evening – as you would expect from its chic clubs. Parties and celebrations get bigger and better every year. Dance the night away to eclectic line up of music, live bands and DJs as they take over the stage that’ll make you entertained until the clock strikes midnight!

Bigger and louder celebration awaits for you when you hit-off the streets of the Philippines and here’s why. Some malls and Big TV networks never miss to hold open-air events for locals that serve purely entertainment. Jive with live music performances, get star stuck by some local celebrity sightings, and be amazed by the grand fireworks display by the end of the night!

But if you’re looking for a more family-friendly destination, better head on to public parks like, Luneta Park and Quezon City Memorial Circle. They offer an amazing entertainment perfect for the whole family, you’ll just have to bring your own food, lay down and enjoy the whole night! 

Oh and take note that in some areas in the Philippines, locals welcome the New Year with noisemakers such as torotot or party blowers cause firecrackers are banned.

Want to stay away from home but tries to avoid big crowds this New Year? Well then, Hotels are the best option for you!

Offering an exclusive party countdown, guests and event-goers will be serenaded with live band or acoustic performances and entertained by various local celebrities with their special performances. Feast on special dinner packages or grand buffets especially prepped for this event.

For some, they held events on their rooftop bars giving guests the best combinations –fancy drinks, great service and a perfect view of the fireworks illuminating the sky. So if we were you, better book a reservation now before slots are gone!

Bring the New Year with the sand between your toes! With the 7641 islands of the Philippines, there is no doubt why some locals and tourists welcome the New Year by the beach. From serene secluded coves to pristine white beaches, you got a lot to choose from!

Some islands are essentially transformed into a party haven during this particular evening. After witnessing breathtaking sunsets, make yourself full with beach barbecues; enjoy live entertainment and exclusive gala dinners hosted by some resorts. It may be simple yet this laidback experience will surely give you a more romantic and intimate time with your loved ones, all away from the big crowd.

Of course, no parties or fancy hotel dinner can beat a celebration at home together with your family. Symbolizing prosperity for the upcoming year, Filipinos prepares bountiful meals during midnight known as Media Noche. To keep everyone entertained, each family got their own traditions like movie marathons, karaoke, and parlor games.

With that being said, if you’re just visiting and don’t have family or friends in the city, Filipinos are sure to welcome you to ring the new year in their presence. Known for their generosity, it's no surprise if you would be invited into their homes to share the experience. So if you’re got got luck and asked to spend New Year’s with them, expect countless cheap beers, a grand feast, and lots of singing and laughing!

No matter how you welcome the New Year, one must not forget to reflect and count the blessings they received this 2018. Together with Isla Story, let's say hello to a healthy and prosperous 2019!


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