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Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Philippine's First "Eco-Airport" Opening in Bohol

Over the past months, the New Bohol International Airport has been making a buzz in the whole Philippine tourism and aviation industry. Though it faced several delays, it’s now set to open today, November 27, 2018. 

Just like everyone else, we couldn’t help but feel all excited and ready for it to be fully operational. But before rushing around, packing stuffs, and booking your flight, here’s what you should know about the new gateway to “God’s little paradise”.

Since it’ll replace Tagbilaran Airport, it’s designed to accommodate around two million passengers per year, more than double the capacity of the current airport can hold. Plus, seven aircrafts can be accommodated all at the same time with its apron including larger aircrafts for direct international flights.

It wasn’t called an “eco-airport” for nothing, aiming to be environmental-friendly, they used sustainable structures, a world-class water treatment facility, natural ventilation, and solar panels on its roofs to cover one-third of the airport’s energy requirement. Talk about having regards with nature?

It’s not just the beach resorts in Panglao that will be made more accessible, but Bohol Island itself to the whole country! It is also less than an hour flight from Mactan-Cebu International Airport, which is a gateway to Central Philippines.

Being one of the premium destinations in the Philippine, this modernized hub is expected to boost more tourism growth in the province. A stepping stone towards the development and a higher standard for the country’s regional airports, that’s a great thing to look forward to, right?

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