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Friday, October 26, 2018

Why fly with Philippine Airlines?

With the holiday season just around the corner, it's really normal to experience a dilemma when it comes to deciding where to go and what to do. Well lucky for you, the Philippines got you covered. From the lush tropical jungles and diverse aquatic life to the bustling cities, every corner of this country is worth visiting. Even 3 islands of the Philippines made it to the cut on the recent collection of Best Islands in Asia by the international travel magazine Condé Nast. 

Want to know the best way to start enjoying your vacation going to the Philippines? Fly with the country’s very own flag carrier!

As a brief introduction, Philippine Airlines (PAL), is the only airline in the country with a 4-star rating from Skytrax, PAL had already set the bar high when it comes to flying along with a world-class service.

Founded in 1941, PAL were able to establish its name in the aviation industry despite the growing competition and all the hardships that they’ve encountered. Now they fly to more than 33 domestic and 42 international destinations across Asia, Oceania, North and South America, Africa, and Europe, either direct or long haul.

As for Manila-Sydney route, with over 50 years of operations, PAL continues to ramp up by adding more flights and routes in Australia such as Melbourne, Perth, Darwin, Cairns, Auckland, and Brisbane in order to cater the surge of passengers. 

Despite several accomplishments and milestones, PAL still leaves its door open for new aviation innovations, expanding its fleet and route network with its passengers in mind. As a certified 4-star airline, they embody a warm and caring service that can only come from the Heart of the Filipino.

Want to know more to convince you? Here are our top 6 reasons why you should fly with Philippine Airlines:


We all know that traveling is a bit daunting at times, especially long-haul flights; that’s why PAL ensures that it's one of their top priorities. From the airport lounge to the arrival area in the Philippines, feel the warm welcome and genuine service that they offer. Everything is about relaxed and smooth travel for everyone.


With an office in Australia, it opened their doors as a one-stop service provider giving passengers assistance for easier booking of flights. Got a sudden change of heart and decided to take your well-deserved vacation? Visit their office or just give them a call and a PAL agent is ready to book your flights right away. It’s that easy!


Imagine traveling without the hassle of being caught up in the airport for a layover or need to book a hotel just because you’re waiting for your next flight, sounds cool right?  With PAL, travel with ease as you fly directly from the major cities of Australia to Manila. After a few hours see yourself wandering around the metropolis and maybe even catching up the next flight going to the best island therein.


Whether you’ll be traveling with your family or friends, long-haul flights are truly mind-numbing. Now, fight boredom during with the new entertainment add-ons offered by PAL to its valued clients. They got myPAL eSuite were you can keep up with the latest movies or enjoy free music and TV shows on your device with myPAL Player App. And for the best part, browse your social media accounts and surf the internet with myPAL Wi-fi. Flying thousands of feet above the ground with lots of entertainment, what more can you ask for?


Flying doesn’t have to be expensive and it should not stop you from reaching your dream travel goals. With PAL, book cheap fares going to the Philippines! Plus, they also offer promotional fares from Australia to different must-visit destinations in the Philippines. A value for money with the service offered!


Filipinos are well known for their hospitality and that’s what PAL is all about. From sky to land PAL ensures to provide a service of a heartfelt Filipino service. Though having some problems while traveling is inevitable, just approach one of their staffs and they’ll be happy to assist you. And, flying with PAL couldn’t get any better as they feature a taste of Filipino cuisine with a variety of in-flight meals and snacks made from the Philippines.

Need I say more? Clear your calendars now, head on to this tropical paradise and experience flying with a quality service from the heart of the Filipino people!

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