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Friday, April 21, 2017


One of the busiest weeks of Boracay Island has passed and being one of the longest breaks in the Philippines, the Lenten season is the perfect period to rejuvenate one's mind, body and soul. With its overwhelming tourist's arrivals each year, Boracay is a destination not only for the locals but as well as the foreign.
Thousands of tourists flock to the Boracay for a quick taste of the island's sea and to do li’l soul-searching. Hence, in Boracay  Holy week marks the start of the Oplan Summer Vacation or commonly known as Oplan Sumvac, wherein Boracay Task Force in cooperation with local policemen are conducting foot, bike, and ATV patrolling to ensure tourists safety.

For most Filipinos, this is a week of solemnity, sacrifice, and penitence, but others opt to be with their families or hang out with their friends and go for an out of town get-together. Most conservatives Catholics would scowl in this idea but how we celebrate Jesus' death doesn't have to define our faith. 

So, you may wonder how a loud & busy island such as Boracay celebrates Holy Week, right? The locals who honors and respects the Filipino tradition still gathers at the church as they parade the images and statues showing the passion of Christ. Not only that, the local government mandated that during Good Friday, bars and restaurants on the island may still be allowed to operate provided that parties and loud music will be banned for 24-hours.

In the 4-day break, there's more to Boracay than being just a summer destination; you can have at least day to soul-search and give some time to reflect while foreigners get to observe a glimpse of the Filipino Semana Santa (Lenten) Tradition.

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