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Saturday, April 8, 2017

#KaSquadGoal @ 22ndPanagbenga Festival - Baguio City

An increasing number of people inclined to travel on these days. Many of them are from Metro Manila who wants to explore the wonders of the Philippines.

I made a survey to find out what type of people became the source of the highest percentage of travelers today. And as per my survey large number of travelers gathered to travel are from

               65% searching for forever
               15% traveling with love ones
               15% traveling with their acquaintances
               5% simply travel for nothing.
               100% TRAVELERS

Accurate, Right??


Unknown to all wisdom. One of the best things that the Philippines has is the presence of culture and tradition. Just like different festivals, this become very popular since then until now and some of these festivals are really enjoying by our countrymen.

One of these Festival happening throughout the month of February and ends in the first week of March was held in the City of Baguio – Panagbenga Festival.

Join me to witness the beauty and colors of floats accompanied with beautiful fresh flowers from the parade.

We left Manila with your growing #KaSquadGoal at exactly 11:30 pm of February 25, 2017 still my birthday... too early, because we still want to avoid the hassle caused by traffic due lots of people will go up to Baguio that day to testify and watch Grand Floats Parade. ☺

First Stop - Baguio Cathedral we arrived at 3:30 am February 26, 2017 the place is still close we still do some photo-offs just because we may not pass later if we started the itinerary throughout the day due to heavy traffic after Panagbenga.

After the photo - offs and solemnly praying outside railing fence of Baguio Cathedral we went to Good Taste Restaurant for early breakfast. Good Taste Restaurant is famous in the area because of the good food they offered to public to taste famous dishes of Baguio City. We ordered the Canadians pigs in the amount of 275.00 pesos good for 6 persons and Chop suey amounting to 155.00 pesos good for 4 persons. Supposing only a small serving, we added three additional servings as well as rice and turned out a lot. And in that note your #KaSquadGoal needs to takeout the left overs.

After breakfast, we seek for parking space due crowds and vehicles boost later so we need to seek for parking space immediately. While we entered on the parking lot we saw people lying on the side street. According to the residents, people set up mattress and tent from last night and stayed and slept on the street side to find a good place before the actual parade that day.

We reached the parking lot and decided to sleep because it seems early. We woke up at 6:30 am with accompanying warm sunlight touches to our face, by looking outside large number of vehicles and people surrounded the area.

We decided to go to the venue at Session Road - this road is famous because of the different films shoot and tape that became part of movie industry history. One of the famous movie was the destined love act by Ms. Angelica Panganiban and JM De Guzman with the titled of "That Thing Called Tadhana" a nice movie that impressed me after watching.

On our way to the venue we need to pass through “Burnham Park” this place has different visible activities within - mob aerobic, boating, biking, shopping, food trip and a lot more.

At last, we arrive at the event place, we look for a place where we can saw the glamorous float during the parade. From time, we get to the area its overwhelming to saw different citizenship of people gathered to watch the Grand Float parade. Its amazing to know, that people are willing to witness the Festival even suffer physical pain, and rendering time just to go to one of the peak place in Philippines – Baguio City.
Credit to Rappler.com for the photo
Credit to Rappler.com for the photo

While the parade is continuously running, I was given a chance to talk to some of our countrymen. According to them they came from far away just to witness live the Grand Float Parade in the city of Baguio. Good to know that some people are really enjoying our culture.

The Panagbenga Festival event ended and the Baguio City Side trips started. First destination was “The Wright Mansion” followed by “The Wright Park” just because the place is opposite we quickly toured the area plus the factor to get your best selfie in every corner of the place. With my sister, we went to one of tourist attraction here to took pictures wearing “Igorot clothes” that started in Baguio City just pay P20.00 pesos for unlimited shots. You can also buy Sagada oranges in a cheap price of P120.00 pesos per kilograms.

Clean Comport Room is also available in any areas for just P5.00 – 10.00 pesos you can enter to wash up and back to touring immediately.

The next destination is “Mines View Park” where you can see the beauty of Baguio to the extent of the towering cliffs from the view point located above that serves to attract tourist to visit the area. Mines View Park is also a place where you can take photo to the famous Dog in Baguio just pay P50.00 and you can enjoy with 2 shots… make sure you're a sort of photogenic. You can also take photos to the horses for only P50.00 you can take 3 shots.

Last Stop “Strawberry Farm” We arrived at exactly 3:30 pm just perfect to explore strawberry farms and sun flower garden. Baguio City escapade is incomplete without trying strawberry ice cream and strawberry yoghurt. SWEET, right?

End of Tour – we arrived Manila 1:30am of February 27, 2017
 #KaSquadGoal until our next trip #MtPinatubo
-credit to owners of other photos 😂
Explore. Dream. Discover – Go find yourself!!

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