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Monday, April 10, 2017


What's the latest in Boracay Island? 
Well, aside from the sun-drenched beaches and day-to-day water sports activities around the island, it's the time of year where sports enthusiasts as well as party-goers gather in Boracay for the all-summer long events

One of which is the Boracay Open, a 3-day event highlighting the Frisbee Tournament of teams from different nation to a non-contact team sport played with a flying disc. 
Boracay Open 2017 Sponsors

Yes! You heard me right, it's a game of disc which most people would think is just a dog's play, well that's for people like me who was not familiar that such competition ever existed... until now.
 Who would've thought that a disk being thrown out would be such a hit, right?


Apparently, I was a late bloomer on this field. This year is already the 15 th Boracay Open International Frisbee Tournament, held in the beach fronts of Casa Pilar and Paradise Garden last April 7-9, 2017 and was hosted by a top competitor Frisbee and actor in the Philippines, Mr. Derek Ramsey. 


This is a 3-day in the island full of sun, fun, adrenaline and camaraderie plus this year they had brought the bohemian vibe with the Coachella after-party costume party at the Sand Bar Beach Club. 

Surely this action packed event at the White beach is one event that we shouldn't miss each year! 

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