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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Labor Day in Boracay

May 1st, 2017
A date for one unofficial event that has become famous out of nowhere has become Boracay Island's entity; that is the LaBoracay weekend.

Labor day + Boracay = one long weekend of sun, beach, sand, party, and booze non-stop! That's what LaBoracay's goal every year as it becomes a summer party you'll definitely shouldn't miss.

When you track down its roots,  you'll get lost on the way as it wasn't necessarily an official event/holiday by the locals,  nor a company/sponsored event, it had just become a term that has been used when tourists flock to Boracay to celebrate the week of Labor Day. Apparently, nobody expected that LaBoracay will become a thing that will get you party high year after year.

Marked by the intense partying by the beach, bottomless booze, and good music, LaBoracay seems to be just like a Festival in the island. As expected, this is the most super peak seasons in the island since a lot of tourist for both local and foreign are drawn for vacation & parties, I doubt even the most conservative ones can't control the urge to experience it firsthand, right?

A lot of celebrities & renowned DJs for the Boracay Music Festivals along with the 67,000 anticipated guests were gathered on the island from 27th of April 'til 1st of May. 

To spice things up, Local sponsors offers special events & promotions around the white beach that are open to all guest, such as GLOBE sunkissed Camps where they have set-up numerous activities like Cinema Station, Adult Station, Party Station, etc.. Let's not forget the main event; the one reason why Boracay had become a party island is because of the ultimate beach party at night.  

Whether you're a beach bum, an adrenaline junkie, a booze traveler, or a nature lover; Boracay has got it all and LaBoracay is an event for you!

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