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Saturday, October 5, 2019

Party the Filipino way by attending these October Festivals!

It’s crazy, it’s loud, and definitely, something that will immerse you on the colorful Filipino culture!
Attending a Filipino fiesta or festival should always be on the bucket list of everyone whether you’re a visitor or a local. Filipino fiestas are usually for saints, fruits, flowers, fish, roast pigs, and even masks! But, regardless of what they are celebrating, one thing is for sure, tables will be filled with foods and streets will be booming with nothing but singing and dancing!
Image by Zamboanga Hermosa Festival Official Facebook Page
Want to attend one? Check out below the festivals happening this October!

MassKara Festival

Where:  Bacolod City, Negros Occidental
When: October 08-27, 2019

While some cities claim that their festivals are the "most colorful", MassKara Festival in Bacolod City is surely the winner for the "most joyful". 
It is an annual month-long celebration with highlights every 4th Sunday of October. The word MassKara was coined from the English word "Mass", which means many people and the Spanish word "cara", meaning, faces by the late president of the Arts Association of Bacolod (AAB), Ely Santiago. Hence, the festival is known as the Festival of Many Faces
The MassKara Festival began during a time of crisis - when the world market price for sugar and monocrop went down and the inter-island vessel MV Don Juan sank on its way to Bacolod that took 750 lives in total. Therefore, the main goal of the festival was to bring joy and uplift the spirits of the locals after these tragic events. 
The main highlight of this festival is, of course, the street dance competitions where everyone gets to showcase their creativity through vibrant costumes and energetic choreography. There will also be beauty pageants, agriculture-trade fairs, carnivals, sports events, and concerts! 

One of the most awaited events this year is the Electric MassKaraa street dancing competition that will be held at night and dancers are adorned with bright lights. 

Check out the MassKara Festival 2019 Official Website to view the schedule of events and updates.


Where: Zamboanga City
When: October 12, 2019

Locally known as Fiesta Pilar, Zamboanga Hermosa is one of the biggest and most important festivals in Zamboanga City! The word "Hermosa" signifies their beauty and rich culture.
Image by Zamboanga Hermosa Festival Official Facebook Page
This month-long celebration every October honors the miraculous image of Our Lady of Pillar or the Nuestra Señora de la Virgen del Pilar enshrined at the legendary Fort Pilar. The main feast day is on October 12 where locals will hold novena masses all throughout the day. 
Image by Zamboanga Hermosa Festival Official Facebook Page
Aside from this, it will also feature lively street dancing, various exhibits, ethnic parade, and Mascota de Zamboanga, a gala event that showcases Mascota, formal and elegant gowns, created by local designers. 
Image by Zamboanga Hermosa Festival Official Facebook Page
You may be thinking, it's just the same as the other Philippine festivals, but it's not! The unmissable part of this festival is the boat sailing competition popularly known as Regatta De Zamboanga! During this event, your eyes will never get enough of the vibrant traditional Banca, Vinta. They will hold a race and a display competition to see which is the fastest and the most beautiful Vinta! 

If you're looking for something to eat, they got you covered as well. Zamboanga City is known as the Sardine Capital of the Philippines, so, to acknowledge its rich sea bounty, they will hold a seafood boodle fight called Wow Sardinas.

Check out the Zamboanga Hermosa Festival Official Facebook Page to view the schedule of events and updates.


Where: Mambajao, Camiguin
When: October 20-27, 2019

If the MassKara Festival is the "most joyful", then we could say that the Lanzones Festival is the "Sweetest"! 
Camiguin takes pride in its leading export product which is the Lanzones. It is a well-loved tropical local fruit that's when completely ripe, tastes sweet! Aside from this, it is also rich with several health benefits such as vitamins, nutrients, and minerals. 
The Lanzones festival coincides with the harvest season for the Lanzones which is October. Usually, it is held on the 3rd week but the overall festivity lasts up to 4 days or a week! 

The celebration features different activities such as Lanzones eating contest, agriculture and crafts trade shows, cottage and barangays beautification.

Check out the Camiguin Tourism Office Official Facebook Page to view the schedule of events and updates.

So, have you decided which festival you'd go to?  If yes, don't forget these travel essentials – a solid plan ('cause everything might get a little bit cray cray), a camera, comfy clothes, water tumbler, and your very own jolly spirit! 'Cause take it from us, these festivals will be one of the best days of your Philippine Trip!


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