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Saturday, September 7, 2019

Must-See Philippine Festivals in September

It's only the month of September but you can already feel everyone's excitement for the "Christmas Season" in the Philippines and we're not even exaggerating here!
As soon as the "Ber-months" begin, you'll get to see every street and Filipino household starting to light up with different vibrant decorations and twinkling lights. Do you know what else is colorful? The lively festivals of the Philippines! That's right, this country never run-out of festivals any time of the year; it's even safe to say that each one is definitely worth attending to!

So, before you get all giddy and excited for the "Christmas Season", we prepared a list of festivals that you've got to attend especially this September!

Tuna Festival
Where: General Santos City
When: August 30- September 05, 2019

By the name of the festival, you might already have an idea what this is all about, right?

General Santos City takes pride in their fishing industry hence their moniker "Philippines' Tuna Capital". Tuna Festival is their annual celebration for their bountiful harvest and a commemoration for the city's charter anniversary. This week-long festival is filled with various activities such as a parade, concerts, and all sorts of activities featuring different tuna products. If you're a certified seafood lover, this festival is where you should be!

Sarakiki- Hadang Festival
Where: Calbayog City, Western Samar
When: September 01-08, 2019

Sarakiki- Hadang Festival is a 7-day long celebration during the first week of September. This festival has its roots from the local terms Hadang – which means a ritual as a tribute to the nature spirits or deities while Sarakiki is the frenzied movements of a rooster courting a hen or challenging another rooster to a fight. During the Pre-Spanish Colonial period, the locals use chickens as their traditional ritual sacrifice to the deities to ask for good fortune.

If you love dancing, you’ll surely enjoy this festival as it features a lot of dancing! Locals are dressed as roosters and hens while at the same time imitating the animals’ movements. Their costumes are vibrant and their movements are just as amazing as you would expect!

Aside from the street dancing, this year’s festival includes art and music performances, parade, comedy show, and fireworks display.

T’boli Tribal Festival
Where: South Cotabato
When: September 11-13, 2019

T’Boli Tribal Festival is more like a thanksgiving festival that is celebrated by 6 major tribes in South Cotabato namely the T'boli, Ubo, Manobo, Kalangan, Maguindanao, and Tasaday.

It is also called Lem-Lunay or a haven that these clans want to make for themselves. The festival was originally celebrated for Sta. Cruz in Lake Sebu then has evolved into a grand cultural festival. T’Boli Tribal Festival is also famous because of the blend of both Catholic and tribal traditions. During the last day of the festival, they will hold commemorative mass and interactive cultural activities one will surely enjoy!

Peñafrancia Festival 
Where: Naga City, Camarines Sur
When: September 13-22, 2019

If the Feast of the Black Nazarene in Quiapo, Manila attracts millions of devotees each year, and so is the Lady of Peñafrancia!

Naga City in Camarines Sur is the home of the Regional Patroness of Bicol - Our Lady of Peñafrancia which is one of their most revered patron saints. Every year, millions of local devotees come to the "Pilgrim City" in hope that their prayers will be granted by Our Lady of Peñafrancia. The main highlight of this festival is the religious pilgrimages such as the Peñafrancia Traslacion Procession and the Fluvial Procession at Naga River.

Aside from these, there will also other secular activities where you can enjoy the beauty of Bicol's culture. From the beauty contests, concerts, dance competitions, and even dog shows, you'll never have a dull time here!
Overall, we can all agree that being part of a country's festivals are one of the best ways to experience a destination! If you miss out these festivals, worry not, you'll still have a lot of opportunities to be part of it in the upcoming years! After all, these festivities get bigger and better!


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