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Thursday, October 31, 2019

A Traveler’s Guide: Why book your transfer rental with us?

Have you ever experienced bargaining or being ignored by taxi drivers, got stuck waiting in long lines for your transfer booked through ride-hailing apps, or dragging your bags around looking for public transport? Well, you’re not the only one. There are still a number of travelers that face this situation and it's driving them crazy. 

So, if you want to save yourself some hassle, then you've got to book your transfers with us! Need some convincing? Read the below reasons: 

Best Price Guaranteed
There are lots of companies around the Philippines that offer transfer services but we ensure that you'll get the best service at the most reasonable price. Why pay more when you can have quality service at a lower price, right? 

Plus, expect great value with our rates that are all-inclusive and you don't have to worry about any hidden charges! 

Safe and Reliable
Roaming around in a place where you're not familiar can be scary since you usually don't know whether if the taximeter will not go sky-high or your booked transfer is safe. 

We give importance to transparency and honesty. Right after you book with us, you'll be contacted by one of our agents thus, all the necessary details will be forwarded to you. You may also contact them ahead of time if you have any queries or travel details you may need. Not only we take pride in ensuring that your smooth journey will be safe wherever you are in the Philippines but we also offer you peace of mind!

Travel comfortably on spacious seats
Whether you got a long flight or not, you deserve to have a stress-free transfer service! Find the vehicle best suited to your needs within our high-quality fleet. Each vehicle enunciates style and has allotted space for your luggage. We provide elegant cars, vans for those with big luggage, and buses for bigger groups. You can also request for luxury vehicles if you want to travel with more class! 

Service of an English-speaking Driver
No more miscommunication and getting lost with our reliable local drivers that’ll happily assist you in your journey!

As part of our transfer service, our drivers will greet you with a smile and guide you to your vehicle. They are also familiar with the city and the different destinations that you'll be going to that's why they'll gladly answer your questions if you have any. As for the airport service, make sure to relay to us your flight details so that our driver knows which terminal you're arriving and can adapt to any changes if there are any delays. 

Save time!
Reach your destination without waiting in long taxi lines or wasting time navigating in unfamiliar public transportation! In just a few steps, you can book your desired transfer and have the details sent directly to your inbox by one of our tour representatives. It's so simple that you can stay relaxed and still got more time to find other interesting things to do around the area.

Having pre-arranged transfers will not only give you convenience but also lots of perks just like the stated above. We will guarantee the best experience for the most affordable rates, without compromising quality! Want to start booking your first trip with us? Click here: https://islastory.com/


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