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Thursday, April 11, 2019

Top 5 Instagrammable Spots in Boracay Island

Through the years, Boracay Island had been an epitome of paradise and still keeps on making its visitors wow-ed!
Now that it had its beauty renewed due to the rehabilitation, you can't blame anyone if you'll see them taking lots of snap of the island.  From the famous White Beach, exciting water activities, breathtaking sunsets to the lively nightlife, there are no reasons not to share your Boracay experience to the world!
In here, there's no time to fret that's why we're giving you the best spots to take your Instagram photos to the next level!

What a better way to remember your vacation than to have a sandcastle sculpted with the word "Boracay", right?

You'll see lots of these sandcastles on the White Beach with various designs showing the creativity of each sculptor. It's very much recommended for first-time visitors 'cause all you have to do is simply show off your creative pose, take a snap, and now have one of the best souvenirs on the island!

Wanna get yourself one? Just make sure you’re dealing with authorized sculptors, not with hawkers, alright?


Stuck between needing to take cool photos and having an adventure? Why not have both! Make your way to Bulabog Beach, dubbed as the kiteboarding and windsurfing heart of Boracay it entices lots of water sports enthusiasts from all over the world. Although the sand in here isn’t that powdery, it is located at the quiet back side of Boracay and features gusting winds perfect for every thrill-seeker.

Strike a pose at the beach with the numerous kite and windsurfers on your background or you can even try to ride one for yourself!

If water activities are still too dull for you then better head on to Ariel’s Point!

Step up your Instagram game in here as it offers not only uninterrupted view of the sea but also excitements as you plunge down from platforms measuring from 3 meters to 15 meters high with 5 different levels of cliff diving.
So, what are you waiting for? Swallow your fear, seize the moment, and take the coolest jump shot for the gram!

Since Boracay had been a world-class premier destination all year-round, it's safe to say that this island never runs out of visitors. But if you happen to visit Boracay when it’s packed with tourists and want to have a solo time, then Puka Beach is your getaway spot!

Also known as "Yapak Beach", it features pure serenity and blissfulness away from the lively White Beach and Bulabog Beach.  Spend most of your day to enjoying its laidback tropical vibes then savor the breathtaking sunset. There are few restaurants, stalls, and lounge chairs here that you can also use as props for your photos.

A trip to Boracay wouldn't be complete without a picture at Willy's rock!

This castle-like volcanic formation is located just a hundred meters offshore White Beach Station 2 making it pretty accessible for all who wants to visit it. Perched on top is a little chapel that houses the statue of the Virgin Mary which can be reached by climbing a stair. It has been one of the icons of the island and probably the most photographed spot on the island.

Just a pro tip, make sure to take a snap of it during sunset, trust us, it stands out more!
Obsessing over your travel photos? Make sure to take note of these places 'cause once you step foot on the island, it's now time to embrace the summer heat and cool it up with some great Insta-worthy snaps!


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