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Monday, April 29, 2019

Coron, Palawan: 4 Days and 3 Nights Guide

For the past years, Coron, Palawan had been welcoming numerous tourists that are in hunt of a great tropical escapade. And it's safe to say that this place, even for once, never disappoints.

Here's what you should know:

Coron is part of the Calamianes or Calamian Group of Islands which can be found at the Northern tip of Palawan province.  Technically, there are two Coron, first is the largest town on Busuanga Island while the other one is a small island just a few minutes away from Coron Town. A bit confused eh? Just always remember, Coron Town is where most accommodations are and it's the usual jump-off point to any excursions on the island.

Since it is widely known that this place has pristine clear waters, stunning limestones cliffs, unique lagoons and lakes, a handful of WWII shipwrecks, rich culture, and amazing people, creating a list of where to go, what to  do, where to eat, and even deciding where to stay can be kinda exhausting, right? But hey, set your worries aside as we now took the liberty of looking these things up and running it down for you in one comprehensive itinerary below.

Better grab a pen and paper now and prepare to take note below suggested itinerary for you to try!

Getting to Coron
There are two (2) ways of getting to Coron:

Located at the center of Busuanga Island, Francisco B. Reyes Airport also known as Busuanga Airport (USU) serves as the major point of entry in the island since flying is the quickest way to get in here. There are several local airlines that run daily flights from major airport hubs in the country namely Clark, Manila, and Cebu.

Travel time to Coron from Manila (MNL) takes 1 hour and 20 minutes fly time, while from Clark (CRK) will take 1 hour and 5 minutes. And if you'll be coming from Cebu (CEB) it'll take only 25-minutes. 

To maximize your time, we recommended flying in the early morning so that you’ll have lots of free time in the afternoon. Read more here to see Philippine Airline’s flight schedule: How To Go To Coron Via Philippine Airlines

Ready to book? Check the flight availability here: Rakso Travel Airline Ticket Reservation

Coron can also be easily reached via fast craft coming from El Nido with only 2 hours of travel time. Through this, you can manage to combine Coron, El Nido, and Puerto Princesa in one long stay itinerary especially for those travelers who want to experience the best of whole Palawan.

Recommended Hotel
Here are our suggested hotels or resort to stay in to match your style.
Backpackers:                      The Funny Lion
Family:                                 Coron Hilltop View Resort
Deluxe Budget:                   Coron Soleil Garden Resort
Luxury:                                Busuanga Bay Lodge
             Private:                                 Club Paradise Palawan

For more details, check this link: 6 Best Hotels to Stay When in Coron

Travel Itinerary

Day 1: Arrival

Whether you’re arriving via ferry or plane, our friendly representative will pick you up and transfer you to the resort/hotel. Feel free to enjoy your time resting at the comforts of your room or you can step outside and see what this humble town has to offer!  

Visit its landmarks such as San Agustin Church, Coron Baywalk, Harbour center, and Town Plaza. See for yourself how Coron's famous cashews are harvested and processed to be one of the best snacks you can bring home. Take a short trek to reach the top of at Mt Tapyas to have a bird's eye view of Coron town and wrap up your day with a soothing dip at Maquinit Hotspring!

Click here to start booking: Coron Half Day Town Tour

Day 2: Coron Island Hopping

When we say you shouldn't miss Coron Island Hopping Tour, we mean it! Aside from being one of the top tours, it highlights all the must-visit spots in the area.

You definitely won't get enough of Coron's charm once you snorkel to witness the colorful tropical marine life at Malwawey Coral Garden, indulge a savory picnic lunch at Beach 91 and lay under the palm trees to feel the paradise vibes at CYC Beach. Want a taste of history? Then dive a little further to be amazed by the remnants of Skeleton Wreck, one of the many Japanese wrecks in Coron.

But the main highlight of this tour is a visit to the mystical Twin Lagoon and Kayangan Lake!

Entering Twin Lagoon is where the fun begins! The boat will dock at the first lagoon then visitors will have to swim their way down and into a small hole underneath a rock formation or climb up a ladder over the same rock to reach the second lagoon.

As for Kayangan Lake, after a 10-minute steep climb, its view will leave you in awe with its beauty hidden in the mountain walls. For the best part? Go for a soothing dive beneath its crystal clear waters to witness its moonscape-like underwater. Make sure to bring a waterproof camera with you so that you wouldn't miss taking snaps of this paradise!

After, get back to Coron Town and hunt down the best restos therein.
Having a hard time deciding where to dine? We heard that Buzz Express got a signature burger that lures many diners all day long! It's a real deal so you better give it a try!

To know more about Coron Island Hopping, check out our blog: Majestic Coron Island
Click here to start booking: Coron Island Hopping Tour

 Day 3: Calauit Safari Park

Unending surprises indeed are here in Coron, Palawan! Some of you might not hear it before but yes, Coron got a 3700-hectare island that serves as a game reserve and wildlife sanctuary!

You don't have to go too far to see wild animals such as zebras and giraffes. Make friends with various wild animals from the African plains and endemic and endangered Philippine Animals.

After the tour at the park, hop on your boat and head to Black Island. Feel like you're in a castaway movie because of this island's towering dark limestone cliffs, blinding white beach, and a small shipwreck just a few meters away from the shore. There are also caves inside with large chambers and natural pools waiting to be discovered. It may be odd but the beauty of this island stands out from the rest!

But if you would like to discover treasures from the past beneath the crystal clear waters of Coron better opt for the Reefs and Wrecks Tour. Visit Pass Island's pearly white sands that seemed like a jewel in the middle of the sea then head on to Lusong Coral Gardens' spectacular vivid coral bed featuring so many types of corals in breathtaking colors. For the highlight of this tour, take a deep breath and dive into a Japanese shipwreck, famously known as Lusong Gunboat. It is from the WWII-era but is now covered with brightly colored corals and home to different types of fishes. So if you're planning to get a diving certificate, then Coron got is the best diving spot for you!

To know more about Calauit Safari and Black Island, check out our blogs: Let’s Get Wild in Coron, Palawan & The Hidden Majesty of Black Island

Day 4: Departure

During your last day, it’s wise that you just spend the rest of your time prepping for your departure. You don’t want to ruin it with a hectic schedule by cramping tours in it, right?

Just simply stay idly at the resort/hotel, roam around Coron Town, try other restaurants, or do a little souvenir shopping to take home a piece of Coron's crafts and delicacies. We suggest grabbing some cashew nuts; they produce one of the best!

It's not difficult to appreciate Coron's exceptional beauty. Towering limestone cliffs, crystal clear waters, and flourishing flora and fauna, adventure is boundless. So a 4 days vacation may not be enough but there are lots of ways for it to be worth it! We hope our guide ease you’re planning process and gave you an idea for the perfect travel!

Don’t have a hotel yet? Check out our recommended hotels & resorts: 6 BEST HOTELS TO STAY WHEN IN CORON

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