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Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Villa Escudero: A Taste of Home

Get fascinated with Villa Escudero’s showcase of the serene rural life in the Philippines!

Whether you’re a balikbayan, foreign or local tourist who wants a taste of the simple yet relaxing country life, then Villa Escudero should be on the top of your list. They got so much to offer in terms of history, culture, natural scenery, and cuisine. Plus, it can be your quick getaway spot since it’s just a 2 hours drive south of Metro Manila.

For a day, immerse yourself around this lush coconut plantation turned resort and enjoy the Filipino culture at its finest.

But before heading on to the south and experience the alluring charm of the Philippines, here are the top 5 activities you can do at Villa Escudero that will surely give you a taste of home:

1.   Fill your stomachs with Filipino Delicacies by the Waterfalls

Villa Escudero’s main highlight is its unique restaurant, where you can dine in a man-made waterfall as your fascinating backdrop. This world-renowned waterfall restaurant offers eat-like-a-local dining experience with its delectable traditional Filipino buffet lunch, kamayan style, while soaking your feet in the shallow running water.

Everyday is like a feast with various meals like grilled liempo, adobo, caldereta, inihaw na isda, ensalada with bagoong, and fresh fruits. Even though you can enjoy the same foods in any Filipino restaurant, the unique ambiance and experience in here is something you shouldn’t miss.

Lunch at the Labasin Waterfall restaurant is served at 10:30 AM until 2:00 PM.

2.   Go bamboo rafting

Get mesmerized by the scenic view of Lake Labasin by hopping on native bamboo rafts overlooking the majestic view of Mt. Banahaw. As you wander around the area, you can also see native houses built along one side of the lake and the vast forest on the other side.
You better try it out and gauge your rafting skills! ;)

3.   Get cultured as you watch the Philippines Experience Show

If you want some amusement, you can watch the cultural shows that are performed by this marvelous resort’s very talented staffs and musicians.

They present various folk dances and songs such as Tinikling, Maglalatik, and Pandanggo sa Ilaw which demonstrate the culture of various Indigenous groups all over the Philippines. Not only that they are very entertaining and skillful with every performance but they also aim to showcase the Philippine customs and traditions in a vibrant and joyful way!

4.   Take a stroll around the place

To get around the villa, you can ride a bike or hop on colorful e-jeepneys. But the best way to stroll around is by riding a hydraulic-powered carabao carts. The carabao represents a typical Filipino lifestyle as it is used by Filipino farmers. It is also the Philippine national animal because of its strength and endurance.

As you tour around, you can also spot some villagers wearing traditional Filipino clothes which will make you feel that you’ve just had a trip down to our ancestors’ memory lane.

5.   Tour around the Church-inspired Museum

This replica of San Francisco Church in Intramuros that was painted in pink is one of the spectacular spots you can find at Villa Escudero. Although it’s not really a church, but it is a museum filled with impressive collections of religious and traditional Filipino artifacts. 

It also houses century-old crafts and arts such as oriental ceramics, natural history and ethnographic dioramas, costumes, household furnitures, weaponries and many other items of interest collected by the Escudero couple in their previous travels all around the world. Don’t you just also feel fascinated when they preserved things like this?

Overall, Villa Escudero will give you an authentic “TASTE OF HOME – experience” you don’t usually get from luxurious hotels and fancy restaurants in the Metro. Worried about the long drive? Don’t worry ‘cause it’s indeed worth it!


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