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Friday, February 1, 2019

Eats More Fun in the Philippines: Classic Pinoy Snacks you’ll Love!

No adventure would be complete without immersing yourself deep in the culture of a country, especially the food culture. 
You couldn’t disagree with us, when traveling; a part of you will always look forward to what the place has to offer on the table. Thanks to various foreign influences, Filipinos never run out of interesting and delicious food choices! 

So snack-a-holics, assemble! Hunt down below our 6 classic must-try Filipino snacks that’ll surely make you say “Eats More Fun in the Philippines”!

Beat the tropical heat with the Filipino’s well-loved dessert! Halo-halo or 'Mix-mix" in English, is literally a mixture of shaved ice with various ingredients and evaporated milk topped with Ice cream. The assorted ingredients give out its different flavors and colors – sago (pearls), gulaman (jellies), sweetened banana, boiled sweet beans, leche flan, and ube halaya. In other places, they got their own rendition on this lovable dessert. Some add more ingredients, uses different milks, and even special flavored ice cream!

How to eat it? You’ll just basically mix all ingredients and viola! You just saved yourself from a hot day!

Satisfy your sweet tooth with another popular and considered one of the all-time best-selling street foods in the Philippines, Banana Cue. It's a deep-fried Saba Banana coated with caramelized brown sugar then skewered for the ease of eating. It also has a sweet potato version namely, Kamote Cue.

There's no need to worry if you got a sudden craving for this snack 'cause Banana cue vendors are out in the streets of the Philippines and can easily be spotted. It's the mid-afternoon snack you couldn't resist!

We're not overreacting if we told you that it's a shame if you failed to try Philippine's street barbecues! It's like the royals that reign in the afternoon. Different variants are out there, ranging from the classic barbecue (pork meat), isaw (chicken or pig intestine), Betamax (chicken blood shaped like a small Betamax tape), helmet (chicken head), and walkman (pig's ear). These are all skewered then placed over a griller lit with charcoal.

How to make the most out of your street grilling experience? Make sure to dip it in vinegar seasoned with onion, peppers, chili, and other spices. The taste of the vinegar perfectly contrasts to the barbecue enhancing its flavor!

Like most locals say, the manlier eater you are if you passed eating the duck fetus complete with its tiny features. "Balut" is an incubated duck egg for 18- days containing a partially developed duck embryo. This very popular Filipino snack is definitely cringe-worthy since its high in protein and calcium.

How to eat it? While still warm, its broth is sipped then the egg yolk and carcass of the fetus are eaten right from the shell. Brave enough to try?

Is it a ping pong ball? A Dunkin donut’s munchkin? No, its Kwek kwek! Another street popular snack wherever you go in the Philippines. These quail eggs are wrapped in an orange-colored batter made of flour then deep-fried until crispy. It's like the quail egg version of the corndog. And just like the barbecues, it got a specially seasoned vinegar dipping that enhances its flavor.

When you hear a bell ring on the street in mid-afternoon and kids would run around to look for coins, it's the sign that the ice cream vendor has arrived! Sorbetes, also known as "Dirty Ice Cream", is a well-loved Filipino ice cream perfect for a warm sunny day. Technically it's not really dirty, hence, it only got its nickname from the dodgy appearance of the vendor's push carts.It comes with several local flavors such as ube, cheese, jackfruit, chocolate, and even chocolate. Usually, it's served in a cone, but the best way to enjoy it? Have it served in a bun!

Have we got you to crave for these snacks? Make sure not to leave the Philippines without trying any of these and eat like a local!

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