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Tuesday, October 23, 2018

The NEW BORACAY Do's & Don'ts: A Traveler's Reminder!

After being closed for 6-months of rehabilitation, Boracay Island is now set to open for tourists this October 26. As the local officials prepare for the “soft opening” of the Island, travelers are reminded with a few Dos & Don’ts for a sustainable tourism.

We know lots of you have been waiting and excited to see what've become of Boracay.  But before finalizing any of your planned itineraries, you need to know the 8 things that you'll have to expect with the NEW BORACAY: 

1)    Limited tourist of up to 19,000 only

To avoid overpopulating the island again that causes major distress on the island such as the neglected wastewater management, the local government now imposed limited entry with a total of 19,000 travelers may stay on the island. Furthermore, the number of hotel rooms for tourist is also reduced to 6,000-9,000 from the original 12,000 rooms.

Currently, a total of 5,365 hotel rooms are available for room booking based on the 115 accredited hotel establishment released and updated last Oct 20, 2018.
Boracay White Beach (2017)
2)    Hotel reservation slips may be required prior to entering

Tourists are warned against transacting with unaccredited hotels. Only the hotel establishments that complied with the government requirement are the ones allowed to operate and accept booking from October 26 and onwards. Hence to avoid problem upon arrival, tourists are reminded to secure their hotel booking as the officials may require confirming their accommodation.

Read this blog for the complete the list of updated accredited hotels: [BORACAY RE-OPENING: Updated List of Accredited Hotels]
Savoy Hotel (2017)

3) Temporary Suspension of Water Activities

Anything that could harm the natural sea state of Boracay is currently under deliberation by the local officials hence all water activities including island hopping, jet ski, helmet diving, parasailing, among others,  are temporarily suspended. While diving activities for both beginners and professional are also temporarily prohibited until further notice.

On that note, all floating structures are now banned within 3km shoreline. So pretty sure you'll get to enjoy the wide shoreline of the new Boracay!
Boats for Island Hopping & Water Activities (2017)

4) No parties allowed by the beach
We all know that Boracay is strongly associated with parties. Being the host of the biggest annual Labor Day party "La Boracay" on an island and as one of the typical past time of most tourists, parties is what makes the old Boracay alive. But with the renewed Boracay, even drinking by the beach is no longer allowed!

No beach parties.
No drinking of alcohol.
No setting up of tables & chairs.
Pub Crawl (2017)

5) No eating by the beach

And on that note, eating by the beach is no longer allowed. What else can you do? Well, of course, enjoying the serene beach and laze on the soft sand with a book at hand.
Lounging at White Beach (2017)

6) Regulated sand castle making

One the very few ways of remembering your Boracay Island Trip is of course through a customized sand castle sculpted to your liking. You'll commonly see a knee-high sand sculpture of the word "Boracay" with the date below on most tourist pictures serving as a backdrop. It has been forbidden then, however, a few still try to do so but with the new rules & regulation, sandcastle making may now require permits and only authorized sand sculptor may be allowed to do so hence, tourist are warned not to engage with hawkers.
Local preparing a sand castle (2017)

7) No shops along the beach

Usually, most of the locals are affected by this policy. This may be a cliche but "how could a tourist respect the rules when the locals themselves don't", right? So upon opening expect a clear by the beach walk path as shops will now be banned along the beach, which includes tattoo artists, hair braiders, and hawkers selling service & souvenirs.

Indeed a peaceful traditional beach-cation!

Hawkers by the beach (2017)

8) Prohibited fire dancing

This may be the hottest show in town but this is affecting big time in the environment. So fire dancing specifically those who use kerosene lamps will be prohibited.

Pretty sure there are other ways to get the fire dancing going. And we're excited to see the creative minds of the locals in action!

 Updated Photos of Boracay
(As of Oct 20, 2018)

Bolabog Beach
Main Road (Park Project)
White Beach
White Beach

These rules & regulations are imposed as part of the efficiency of the local government to maintain the natural beauty of Boracay Island.

So always think twice before finalizing your plans!

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