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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

"PANDIN LAKE" - Pristine Paradise of San Pablo, Laguna

The city of San Pablo is one of the oldest cities in the province of Laguna and it is also known as the “City of Seven Lakes” or the “Pitong Lawa” because it has 7 lakes surrounding the city - Sampalok Lake, Bunot Lake, Palakpakin Lake, Muhicap Lake, Yambo Lake, Pandin Lake and Kalibato Lake.

One of the pristine paradise of San Pablo City called Pandin Lake is just 3-4 hours away from Manila. This is most likely the tourist spot among the seven lakes for its El-Nido like landscape. This is a perfect day trip getaway for families, partners, and friends who wants to unwind and relax from their busy day schedule. 

                                                                         Pandin Lake

Last October 2016, we went to Pandin Lake in San Pablo for a day tour. Traveling to San Pablo, Laguna is almost 3-4 hours when you travel by bus. If you're from Manila, ride a Jac Liner or any bus bound to Lucena in Buendia/Kamias Bus Terminals. You can drop off at SM San Pablo then ride a jeepney going to San Pablo proper. Walk from the final stop inside the public market to 7/11 located near the church and ride again another jeepney going to Ilog and tell the jeepney driver to drop you off at Pandin Lake. You will notice a sign board indicating PANDIN LAKE on it. Once you get there, you have to walk around 10-15 minutes down to lake itself. 

                                                                Welcome to Pandin Lake

We booked in advance before we went to Pandin Lake so they can reserve a slot for the raft when we get there. This includes a lunch with a certain fee around PHP 500 per person good for 2. Your tour within the lake will only lasts for 2 hour ride and you will be accompany by two men each raft. Your food will be served before you go to the other side of the lake where you can have your lunch and go swim. 

                                                                       Bamboo Rafts

A life vest will be provided to each for safety purposes and you can go swim within the lake. The water is clear and very cold but it's worth the try for this is one of the destinations where you can unwind away from the busy cities. 

Aside from Pandin Lake, you can also visit the Yambo Lake which is on the other side of the lake where you will only trek for about 5 minutes. Pandin and Yambo Lake is said to be the Twin Lakes of San Pablo for its twin crater that is separated only by a narrow strip of land.

Nature lover will definitely love Pandin Lake as this is one of the best place to chill, relax and have fun.

Start your adventure now.

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