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Monday, March 16, 2020

Philippines Travel Update: Philippine Airlines One-time Free Rebooking Charge on All (PR & 2P) Operated Flights

Got a cancelled flight? Worry not! Effective March 13, 2020, Philippine Airlines just announced that they will be allowing One Time Rebooking Free of Charge for tickets issued on or before March 31, 2020 to as follows: 

  • Economy Supersaver
  • Economy Saver
  • Economy Value for all International and Domestic routes
  • Business Value for Auckland and the Middle East

Important Notes:
  • FIRST REBOOKING IS FREE for Economy Flex / Premium Economy/ Business Value (excluding AKL & ME).
  • NO PENALTY is applied for the Rebooking/Rerouting/Upgrading/Reissuance for Business Flex.

Below are the Guidelines any change of your bookings:
1. Changes must be made at least 7 days before departure, otherwise, applicable penalties may apply.
2. This one-time rebooking is allowed for:
a.    All international routes on PR & 2P operated flights including codeshare & interline
b.    All domestic routes on PR & 2P operated flights
c.    Tickets originating Japan and Korea
d.    Totally and partially used tickets.
e.    Previously reissued tickets wherein the rebooking fee was collected.
f.     PR tickets with OAL on PR plate 079 provided it was issued as a through-fare.
3.   Rebooking/Rerouting must be on the same or higher BCC, depending on the availability of the fare during reissuance; collect applicable fare difference/taxes/surcharges. Follow fare rule conditions.
4.   Not applicable for the following:
a.    Tickets NOT issued on PR plate 079
b.    Previously reissued tickets wherein rebooking fee was waived due to either fare rule conditions, special handling guidelines or ad hoc requests.
Take care and stay safe, everyone.
Reference: ADV20-098 DATED 12 MAR 2020 

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