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Friday, March 27, 2020

Philippines Travel Update: Philippine Airlines Pause In Operations Due To The Covid-19 Pandemic

Last March 17, 2020, the Philipine Airlines had ceased all its domestic flights. And, starting from March 26, 2020, Thursday until April 14, 2020, all remaining Philippine Airlines International flights will be suspended temporarily.
 After careful consideration, Philippine Airlines concluded that they could no longer sustain even a limited number of international flights for the following compelling reasons:
  •  The strict travel and entry restrictions imposed by more and more countries;
  •  The resulting collapse in demand for travel; and
  •  Continuing challenges in staffing our Manila airport hub during the ongoing lockdown.

Accordingly, the last flight to depart from Manila this week will be PR 104 bound for San Francisco at 10:10 PM on March 25, 2020. Several flights will continue to arrive in Manila on March 26, 2020 from Los Angeles, Tokyo Narita and Jakarta, and on March 27, 2020 from New York JFK, San Francisco and Los Angeles.

Reference: Philippine Airlines ADV20-109 Dated 24 MAR 2020

Here’s how you can prevent getting infected by COVID-19:

With the continual spread of the coronavirus or COVID19, it is better to stay vigilant and follow these simple ways to prevent yourself from getting the disease.
  1. Wash your hands with soap or use a hand sanitizer that contains alcohol with at least 70% solution.
  2. Sneeze and cough into tissues or the crook of your elbow. If you get mucus or spit on your skin, clean it off right away.
  3. Avoid touching your face with unwashed hands.
  4. Avoid close contact with people who are sick, especially people exhibiting respiratory symptoms and fever.
  5. Stay home when you're sick.
  6. Regularly and thoroughly clean surfaces, such as counter tops and doorknobs, with a disinfectant. 
  7. If you are sick: You should wear a face mask when you are around other people and practice distancing yourself.  
  8. For healthy people wear a mask only if you are caring for someone who is sick or a person with suspected COVID-19 infection. Face masks may be in short supply and they should be saved for the caregivers.
  9. If you choose to wear a face mask make sure it is covering your mouth and nose and leave no gaps between your face and the mask. 

Source: World Health Organization(WHO) & Centers for Disease Control and Prevention(CDCP)

Take care and stay safe, everyone.

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