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Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Quick Day Tour Guide in Taal Volcano

Most of the time when we talk about volcanoes, the first thing that comes to our mind is a tall cone-shaped landscape with a crater full of boiling lava, right? But, would you believe that in Batangas, Philippines, you'll find a small volcano right in the middle of a lake?
Yes, you've read that right! Taal Volcano boasts a unique geological feature making it one of the top destinations near Manila that both locals and foreign visitors love to check out especially when they're in a hunt for a quick day trip outside the busy city.

See the landscape above? That’s what most people think Taal Volcano is, but it’s not! It’s just part of this volcano’s complex formation. If you're planning a visit, read more our guide below:

What is Taal Volcano?
Taal Volcano is a complex volcano that has an elevation of 311 meters or 1, 020 ft. above sea level. In contrast to its size, it's considered to be the 2nd most active volcano in the Philippines and part of the "Pacific Ring of Fire". Since 1572, Taal Volcano had around 33 eruptions that caused a large number of casualties, mostly the people residing beside the lake. Because of the danger that this volcano may inflict, it was designated as a Decade Volcano by IAVCEI - International Association of Volcanology and Chemistry of the Earth's Interior.
The most popular description of this place is that it's an island in a lake, within a volcano within a lake on an island. Did we lose you there? Let us explain.

One of the three main islands of the Philippines is Luzon where you can find Taal Lake. Within Taal Lake is the Taal Volcano itself that has a thousand-year-old caldera filled with water creating a Crater Lake. Lastly, at the center of the Crater Lake is a small island also known as Vulcan point - one of Taal Volcano's cones. We know it really is kinda confusing but that's what makes Taal Volcano worth visiting!

Getting There
Taal Volcano is located in the province of Batangas approximately 70 km south of Manila. The jurisdiction of the lake and volcano is divided into two; the northern part is under the town of Talisay while the Southern part is under San Nicolas.
Getting to Taal Volcano is very easy since it's only around 2 hours drive from Manila! The usual jump-off point to Taal Volcano is at the town of Talisay. From there, you have to take a 15-20 minutes boat ride going to the volcano island where your trek will start.

Since it's a small volcano and the trail is very easy, it will only take you around 30-45 minutes to reach the crater. But, if you don't want to get too sweaty, there's another option for you aside from trekking - Horseback riding! This option is more convenient if you ask however it'll cost you around PHP 500-600 (USD 10-12).

What to Expect, What to Bring and some Handy Tips!
You don't have to be an expert mountaineer or a geologist for you to reach the crater of this volcano; all you need is determination and keep in mind our list below:

1 If you forgot to bring your own tumbler, there are a few stalls along the trail that sell fresh Buko juice, distilled water, and energy drink.
2 The trail is surrounded by lots of trees, if you're lucky enough, some even have fresh fruits that you can pick and eat on the top or bring home.
3 The best time to visit here is from November to May when the weather is not too hot and you can feel a slightly cold breeze.
4 Wear light clothes, sturdy sandals or shoes, hats, and put on sunblock. It’s also more convenient to bring your own water tumbler and some light snacks.
5 Aside from the above-mentioned things, make sure to bring extra clothes. No, you’re not going to swim in the crater and it’s prohibited! You’re just going to need to change clothes in case you don’t want to go back home stinky and sweaty, right?  
6 LTE Mobile signal is available up to the crater.
7 Bring your camera and take a lot of amazing photos! 

Whatever way you take, trek by foot or ride a horse, every minute of your trip is definitely breathtaking. Some even forget that they are just a few hours away from the bustling city of Manila! Your eyes will be filled with the lush greeneries from the trail and the amazing scenic view on top of the crater!

Start booking your Taal Volcano trip here: Tagaytay Taal Lake Trekking Tour

Here's a preview of the stunning Taal Volcano:
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