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Friday, August 16, 2019

Celebrate Kadayawan Festival in Davao City!

Davao City is known by many things, first it’s the hometown of the current Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte, second it’s famous for the foul-scented but very tasty ‘King of Fruits;’ Durian,  and of the Philippine’s major festivals, the Kadayawan Festival.
Before the Kadayawan Festival became a major event, ethnic tribes of Davao gather at the foot of Mt. Apo to perform a ritual, offering farm products, fruits, vegetable, and rice,  that served as gifts to give thanks towards the pagan gods, Manama (the Supreme being) and Bulan ( a moon deity).
Today, Filipinos celebrate Kadayawan with many of them singing; have parades with beautiful floral floats, street-dancing (it serves as a competition) and other exhibitions that showcase the island’s culture.
August 2, 2019 was the official start of the Festival but don’t fret! The month-long celebration of bountiful harvest has many events in every part of Davao City. Check out the schedule below:

August 1-31 (10AM-10PM)
Magsaysay Park
August 1-31 (8AM-6PM)
AGRI-TRADE FAIR-  display of green produce, flavor, and creation by the Floriculture Industry of Davao, Inc.
McArthur Highway
August 2 Friday (3:30PM)
Magsaysay Park
August 2 Friday (4:30PM)
SUBANG SINUGDANAN UG PAG-ABLI SA KADAYAWAN- re-enactment of convergence and official opening ceremony of Kadayawan Festival
Magsaysay Park
August 2-25 (6PM-10PM)
City Hall
August 2-4, 9-11, 16-18, 23-25 (6PM-11PM)
TABUAN SA KADAYAWAN- a weekend market that features food, plants, arts, dry goods, and Kadayawan-inspired products
Sta. Ana Wharf
August 3 Saturday (8AM)
MUGNA KADAYAWAN- an on-the-spot wall art competition that narrates Davao community
Sta. Ana Wharf
August 3-4, 10, 17-18 every Saturday and Sunday (5:30PM)
BANTAWAN CULTURAL PRESENTATION- a celebration to showcase the artisanal, food and cultural performances of the 11-Tribes.
Magsaysay Park
August 9, 2019 Friday (8AM-9PM)
ARAW NG MGA EMPLEYADO- A fun-filled day for the City Government employees
Rizal Park
August 10-11 Saturday- Sunday (5AM)
Sta. Ana Wharf
August 9, 2019 Friday (8AM-9PM)
HABI KADAYAWAN- a fashion accessories and apparel design competition
Abreeza Ayala Mall
August 11 Sunday (3PM)
HIYAS SA KADAYAWAN CORONATION- a prestigious search for the symbolic Festival Gem
RMC Petro Gazz Arena
August 16 Friday (8AM)
DULA KADAYAWAN- experiential activity for tourists to interact with the tribes through their games
People’s Park
August 16 Friday (2PM)
SAYAW KADAYAWAN- An artistic fanfare of folklores, traditions and cultural practices inspired by the 11-Tribes through dance
SM City Davao
August 17 Saturday (7AM)
INDAK-INDAK SA KADAYAWAN- Street-dancing competition
Roxas Ave. to Kadayawan Square
August 21-25 Wed-Sun (9AM-10PM)
Magsaysay Park
August 23 Friday (7PM)
TUNOG KADAYAWAN- a song writing competition to showcase the living heritage of the City
Matina Town Square
August 24 Saturday (7AM)
PAMULAK SA KADAYAWAN- highlights the abundance of Davao Region’s flora and fauna presented with artistry interpreted in decorative floats
Roxas Ave. to Kadayawan Square
August 24 Saturday (7AM)
PITIK KADAYAWAN- a drumbeating competition
Roxas Ave. to Kadayawan Square
August 24 Saturday (6PM)
TAMBAYAYONG KADAYAWAN- performances of traditional dances and songs from different ETHNO-linguistic groups featuring the grand winners of the various Kadayawan competitions
San Pedro Street
Note: Schedule of following events may change prior to notice.

As a responsible traveler, here are a few reminders before you go to the event:

Use a hat, fan and/or umbrella
No Smoking in Public places
Choose a shady spot
Avoid Bringing of infants or Small Children
Bring an extra shirt
Avoid bringing of backpacks or any big bags
Bring some candies, crackers or other small snacks
No ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES in the premises
Make sure to bring water in a TRANSPARENT TUMBLER
No usage of Laser Light
Use Pedestrian crossing lanes
Drones are NOT ALLOWED except to those who security clearances
Do not bring any type of FIREARMS or SHARP OBJECTS
Take off your jacket and sunglasses when you go through an inspection area
NO LITTERING in the premises

Be prepared to travel on foot, big festivals like the Kadayawan usually closes major roads to give way to performances and parades. Always keep in mind that this is a GRAND festival!
Oh, and iconic Davao fruits are in season so you better try out (or buy in bulk) durian, mangosteen, rambutan, and lanzones! If you're in the There are also restaurants in the city will surely have special offers, so go on food tripping and try out the local delicacies of Davao City!

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