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Thursday, July 25, 2019

The Unmissable Best-tasting Lechon of Cebu

Tourists these days are motivated not only because of their desire to explore new places but also to immerse in other's culture, contribute to the local communities, escape from the busy city and find serenity in nature, or simply try extreme adventures that'll keep their adrenaline rushing. Plus, there are also tourists who travel to satisfy their taste buds!
If you belong to the latter, you've probably been doing some research of where your next food destination is, right? It's not even surprising at all if you would stumble upon Asia. This place is filled not only with colorful culture and amazing gastronomic delights!
Want to explore the Philippine food scene first? Let us give you a head start! Located at the Visayas Region, you'll find Cebu City a.k.a "Queen City of the South". This place is jam-packed with historical, natural, and man-made attractions that'll keep you busy all throughout your stay. What's more fascinating is the array of meals you can try out in here from fancy restaurants to the busy local streets!
But what put Cebu City in the spotlight is their "Lechon" and we'll be telling why it's an unmissable treat for your taste buds!

What is Lechon?
First off, know your meal! Over the years, lechon had been a staple food in every Filipino-household during special holidays, occasions, and festivals. The word “Lechon” came from a Spanish term that means a roasted suckling pig.
Here's what makes Lechon stand out from the rest. Lechon is a whole pig stuffed with herbs and spices such as lemongrass, star anise, spring onions, garlic, salt, black peppercorn, and more inside its belly. They said that the belly part has the most fats that’s why they put the herbs and spices there. Then, the whole pig will be skewered on a long bamboo pole and roasted over hot coals made from coconut husks. The Lechon will be continuously rotated for several hours allowing all sides to be cooked properly. All the herbs and spices will then be absorbed by the meat giving out a sensational taste. As for the pig's skin, some rub it with salt and other spices for it to be crispy and flavorsome at the same time! (That's also where the pig usually gets its distinctive red color.)
Cebu’s Lechon is well-known to have juicy and tasty meat which is why a sauce is not necessary. However, there are other Lechon-makers that created a special sauce that compliments at the same time enhance the pig meat’s flavor to complete the meal!

History of Lechon in Cebu
Lechon is so popular in the Philippines that when you mention it to any Filipino, they'll surely urge you to try it. All over the country, there are various versions of this meal but the Lechon in Cebu is undebatably the best. No wonder why this place was also dubbed as the "Lechon Capital of the World"!
Back in 1920s, the first people to cook lechon were believed to be locals from Talisay City, Cebu. They specialize in a pork meal named "Inasal" that came from the word "asal" which means "cooking over live coal".  Basically, asal is the Cebuanos term for anything grilled. And the best inasal of them all is none other than Lechon!
There are many families that claim that the lechon recipe came from them as well as the idea of the Lechon belly. Although it's really hard to trace where Lechon really first came from, one thing is for sure, Cebu lechon is the best in the country, if not, the world.

Where to Find the Best Lechon in Cebu?
As soon as you step outside Cebu City, you're most likely have a hard time searching for the best Lechon therein. Aside from the fact that all of them look sooo delicious, some claim theirs are the original while some gave their own take to make their Lechon unique. So, where to go?
You got two options, either head to Talisay City or the town of Carcar. Talisay City is well-known to have the best tasting Lechon and they even have an annual Lechon Festival for it! Many people are still visiting this place just to get the taste of this meal. While in Carcar, Lechons are easily be found in their public market. You can buy one for take-out or munch it in one of the nearby carinderias (local restaurant). Insider tip: Pair it with puso or hanging rice.
But if you got a fully-loaded itinerary and can't have a quick visit in these places, well, don't you fret! 'Cause there are also restaurants around Cebu City offering authentic and high-quality Lechons just like at the House of Lechon! Aside from the elegant dining setting, this restaurant features the famous Carcar Lechon paired with their signature Lechon sauce. You can either dip it or pour directly to the tender meat!
Just like most people say, your Cebu food-tripping will not be complete without a taste of their finger-licking Lechon! Better believe it 'cause it's true. Regardless of which part of the pig you want to try: belly, head, or legs, the Lechon from Cebu is something worth trying to!

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