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Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Batanes: The Distant North and Home of the Winds


These are only some of the many words that are close enough to best describe the beauty of Batanes.
As a Filipino, I couldn't be more proud to be in a country that has so much to offer. From emerald mountains, mysterious caves, enchanting rivers and vivid life under the sea, you’ll never run out of things to do and sights to see.

In the northernmost part of the country lies Batanes, an archipelago province in Luzon Island that is unique on its own. Among the 10 islands of the province, only 3 of them are inhabited by the people namely Basco, Itbayat, and Sabtang Islands. 

Its capital, Basco, is where the domestic airport is located serving flights from Clark and Manila.
Sunset at Batames (Left); Valugan Boulder beach (right)
It's not hard to see why everyone fell for Batanes' charm. Aside from its alluring greeneries, it is rich with well-preserved culture. The locals, called Ivatans, will shower you with the warmest welcome and sweetest smiles as soon as you arrive.
Their houses are famously known for its stone walls topped with cogon-thatched roofs protecting them from the moody weather of the island. 
Batanes local transport (tricycle)
Even their local transportation adapted the look with its cogon-thatched roofs and bamboo body parts.
Guest trying the vakul (traditional farming outfit)
Another local thing that Ivatans are known for is Vakul, an endemic clothing made from abaca fiber of the vuyavuy palm used as a headgear to protect them from the sun and rain especially during farming.
Guests trying the vakul (traditional farming outfit)
Don't miss to try them on, strike a pose and take a shot!

When it comes to food, Batanes has a few delicacies to offer which are mainly seafood being surrounded by a vast body of waters. 
Seaweed salad (Left); Coconut Crab (Right)
It includes mahi-mahi (dolphinfish), dibang (flying fish), and payi (lobsters), and of course the most popular tatus (coconut crab), an arthropod which is actually considered as endangered.
 (Looks juicy, but better think twice before you try them, you might want the other generations to see it personally as well)

The group at the lighthouse
Overall, the experience as a tour coordinator during Isla Story's first ever Batanes Group Tour was overwhelming, I get the chance to experience a paradise and provide service to our valued clients. 

If you will ask me, Batanes is the place I’d rather be!

* * *
Photos by Ms. Jinky Bagsit

Morong White Beach
Zipline at Morong White Beach
Our Lady of Immaculate Conception Church at South Batan
Sabtang Hills Viewing Deck
Guests striking a pose at the Boulder Beach
Honesty Coffee Shop

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